‘Google Me: The Movie’ Now In Production

    February 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Well, we knew it was coming. After "Google: The Musical" debuted up in Minnesota last year, we knew anything was possible, perhaps inevitable. "Google Me: The Movie" is due out in the near future, a documentary focusing on filmmaker Jim Killeen and his journey of self discovery.

Or should I say selves discovery?

The Google Me (trailer) homepage is succinctly presented with the filmmaker’s full name in the search box, and a quote below reading: "It all started when I Googled my own name…"

The storyline is simple and fascinating: A man googles himself and discovers there are many others out there with the same name. The difference between Killeen and you, though, is that he actually goes out to meet them and takes his camera along.

And who hasn’t been curious about all the different thems? It’s like an exercise in quantum logic – multiple universes and multiple me’s. When I started writing online, I discovered so many other me’s, most of whom are also writers, that I had to start using my full name to differentiate.

One of Killeen’s more interesting doppelgangers was one in Tucson, Arizona, where the producer’s namesake was found dead in his home three weeks postmortem. His wife had been praying for his resurrection.

This isn’t to condone googling oneself (though most of us do it), only to highlight connections. From the movie’s description on the homepage:

‘Google Me’, a documentary feature film now in production, explores the connection between a person’s name, their identity, and the underlying human condition that unites us all.

Of course, it also gives the Jim Killeen brand name a lot of exposure. Smart move. But speaking of branding, it makes one wonder if Google is affiliated with the production, or if we’re going to hear some more trademark genericide pettifoggery from Mountain View.

Google wasn’t pleased when its brand entered Webster’s dictionary, nor has the company taken kindly in the past to people using Google as a verb.

UPDATE: Google knows all about it, and seems to like the idea. A Google spokesperson says:

"Google is not affiliated with the movie, but did give permission to use our name and worked with Jim Killeen, the filmmaker Jim Killeen, to explain certain aspects of what makes our search engine so effective.

"Although we are not affiliated with the movie, we did give permission to use our name.

"Since the filmmakers actually use our search engine to conduct research, we think it is an accurate use of our mark."

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