“Google Me” is Probably Already Bigger Than Facebook

Can Google Finally Get Social Media Right?

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The world discovered a little bit more about this mysterious "Google Me" project this week, when Googlers, including CEO Eric Schmidt opened up (just a little bit) at the company’s Zeitgeist event. 

The main thing that has been revealed is that Google Me will not be a new social network from Google to try and compete with Facebook, but rather a "social layer" added to existing Google products. If you think about it, this strategy makes more sense, as Google already has many of the features of a great social network in its various properties. As I’ve said over and over again, integration among these is the key, and "Google Me" just might turn out to be that integration that connects Google’s offerings, effectively making Google itself the social network. 

Who has the competitive edge? Facebook or Google? Share your thoughts here

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch was able to pick up one specific detail from unnamed "sources who’ve worked with Google on the product". They say that Google Me will produce an activity stream generated by all Google products, and that Google Buzz has been rewritten to be the host of it all. 

I’m guessing the existing Google Profiles, which already host the Google Buzz content will be central. 

Nick O’Neill at AllFacebook thinks photos and videos are going to be key elements in the competition between Google and Facebook.  He writes, "Between tagging and the feed exposure, photos account for the largest percentage of Facebook users’ time on site. While video is also increasing, photos were responsible for most of Facebook’s initial growth. In fact Facebook Photos now has more market share than all the competitors combined (including Google-owned Picasa). Google also clearly has another massive weapon in their arsenal: YouTube. The video site is by far the most popular of all video sites in the world."

"YouTube is so popular that it ranks just behind Facebook in Alexa’s ranking of the most popular online sites," he adds. "YouTube is also a relatively social experience to begin with, however there is most definitely plenty of room to grow."

YouTube is easily the greatest asset Google has in terms of social media. You may recall that YouTube began requiring all users to have a Google account. That’s no coincidence, I’m sure. 

So let’s compare Google (as one big social network) to Facebook, feature by feature.

Facebook has the news feed. Google is reportedly working on the activity stream. Facebook has chat. Google does too (text, voice, and video). Facebook has photos. Google does too, with Picasa Web Albums and various other complementary photo-related offerings. Facebook has videos. Google has YouTube (and Google Video). Facebook has notes. Google has Blogger. Facebook has Pages. Google has Profiles.  Google has email. Facebook may at some point (MySpace just added it last year). Facebook has games. Google is working on getting more. Facebook has news publications setting up Pages. Google has Google News. Facebook has the Open Graph. Google has search (all kinds of search…and maps).

Facebook has Facebook Ads. Google has AdWords, AdSense, and Doubleclick. Facebook has applications. Google has Google Apps, the Apps Marketplace, Android, the Android Marketplace, Chrome, Chrome OS, the Chrome Web Store, Google TV which will support Android apps and web apps. Google is also trying to get a music service off the ground.  And let’s not forget Google Calendar and Google Reader – two very user-personalized products. 

Google Products

That’s not everything, but I think that covers a pretty big chunk of what people want to use social networks for. I’ve got to say, on paper, I have to give Google the advantage. When you combine all of Google’s offerings, I wonder how that user base stacks up to Facbook’s 500 million. Yahoo claims 600 million. I’m guessing Google’s number is pretty high, but unfortunately, we don’t know what that is. 

People have often talked about Google’s "social media failures", but Google just may have the biggest social network of all, so I’ll reiterate: it’s all in the integration. Google just needs to make it happen in a way that people can clearly see it all come together and actually use it all together.

Speaking as both a user of various Google products and a user of Facebook, I’m fairly certain that they will co-exist just fine. 

Will Google finally get social right? Tell us what you think

“Google Me” is Probably Already Bigger Than Facebook
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  • TimO

    Google and Facebook already seem to work together is some compacity, maybe indirectly but still it there is some cohesion. Apple has integrated both facebook and google into the iPhone universe with various Google and Facebook Apps. The main Facebook application has just received a recent addition called “Places” to its iPhone Application. This feature allows users to use GPS to show where they are and what they are doing. It integrates the use of Google maps to pick from an existing list of locations and places OR users can create a new place with their GPS coodinates which instantly adds the location to Google Maps. What is to become of this existing connection between Google and Facebook.

    • Chris Crum

      I think there will continue to be connections in some capacity. Google reportedly said they’ll facebooks-data-by-hook-or-by-crook/”>get the coveted Facebook data one way or another too. Not sure what that means, but either way, they’re not going to be completely isolated from one another.

      • Guester

        or break into FB’s system to get it.
        By hook or by crook, it seems.

        Yes, I realllly trust Google’s ethics and hence its stance on privacy .. NOT!

    • Ralph

      So, Apple will come out smelling like a rose no mattere what happens. Could it be that Apple is actually the one behind all of this so the two will merge together. Apple is not asleep, I am sure it is working on more apps that will only work with Google and FB merged together.

  • http://www.moversmovingtoronto.com/ Toronto

    Google already has all the right applications, from video to email, to integrate. It makes perfect sense for people to use Gmail as their social network, via Buzz. I hope it works out. Wave was a bust, and I’m not so certain Buzz was a complete success…yet.

    • Chris Crum

      Don’t forget that Google said it will implement Wave technology into other products as well. I don’t think I’d call Buzz a failure at this point. Probably not a home run, but I think it does get used by quite a few people. I’d like to see the numbers – certainly no where near the other big social networks, but having it right in Gmail has to help. I think Buzz will continue to grow along with Google’s new “Google Me” initiative.

  • http://twitter.com/CristianIsDaMan Cristian Gonzales

    I wouldn’t necessarily give Google the advantage.

    Look at what happened with Google Wave. Look at what happened with Google Buzz. Google, similar to Apple, can’t hit them all out of the ballpark, not to mention that thus far Google has not shown itself to be a viable social platform. It’s a mega platform in SEO and marketing tools, but in social, it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Google, imo, should concentrate more on being the go-to for business. Facebook will be the go-to for the consumer.

    • Chris Crum

      My point is that Google already has greatly successful products, like YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, and Gmail, and obviously search. Combining users of all of its products, I think would give it an advantage – years of acquiring users (since long before Facebook was born). That said, they do still need to prove they can connect everything together in a way that people will actually use.

      The activity stream should be intriguing if it works across all of Google’s relevant products. One stream for updates on Buzz, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Google Reader, etc. Think about that: You’ve got the status update covered with Buzz, the videos covered with YouTube, the photos covered with Picasa, article/news consumption/sharing with Google Reader.

      • Chris Crum

        I’d also add that Google having a browser and two operating systems add to their advantage.

        Partnerships could play interesting and unforeseen roles as well. Think about how big of an impact Facebook made earlier this year when it announced the Open Graph. It came out with launch partners, automatically getting people to take advantage of the social plug-ins (publishers and users alike). If Google has some kind of a launch for this “social layer” (as opposed to just rolling out individual features gradually), and launches with significant partners showing its benefits, there’s a chance that will help it make an impact.

      • http://www.cat-lovers-only.com Kurt Schmitt

        I would agree that Google’s successfully implemented stand alone products, if tied to together well, might give Google an advantage. The problem is that integration of any kind means change, and people tend to resist change. Facebook is already one entity, so adding on features is less of a jolt than pulling together separate products.

        But, Facebook is one of the most unintuitive and clunky pieces of junk I’ve ever used and simple tasks are way to complicated. The privacy issues didn’t help them either. If Google can pull products together that many people already use, they might use those instead of Facebook.

  • http://www.safashionpolice.com Jinky Doe

    Both are quite different in some ways. Google on the other hand have made its name to history long before facebook became popular. Facebook popularity has to do with the games they offer.

  • R&D

    It ain’t going to happen. The relationship is already built in Facebook. I’m sure a huge percent of Facebookers don’t have a youtube account or use anything Google other than search so the connections are not there. Facebook is dedicated, Google is just all things to all people and not everybody uses them. My contacts I’m 100% sure don’t even know or use any google sites or products. Good luck convincing them to switch to youtube, etc. Anyway, I don’t want my kindergarten teacher or my pastor to know what a naughty little evil I have been on my replies to the “Hot For Words girl” on youtube. I’m a total hyprocrite and lead a decent life on Facebook. Youtube is to sin.

    Google is late in the game and its wave or buzz (which is it?) violation of privacy lawsuit isn’t helping either. Google is not good at anything. They have to buy companies in order to be something. They got lucky with search because there sure weren’t anything worse it back then. Youtube they had to buy it and still isn’t profitable. If they can’t buy Facebook, it just ain’t going to work.

  • http://www.the-system.org The System

    For all their individual trimmings the core business of Google is search, the core business of Facebook is social.
    Google has all the data it needs to present relevant results to individuals because it knows each users preferences. What it doesn’t know and needs to find out in order to improve and refine the qualitative score in its search results, is the collective chat that goes on at Facebook.
    Even if Google makes it’s own successful social meta-network it will always want to know what is going on over the fence!
    In the long term I see convergence!

    • Ralph

      I would have to agree. Things are not what they seem in many cases. I would agree that convergence is already planned between google and FB. Just another way of pulling in the masses.

  • Guest

    I’ve never used it.

    • Guest

      This article just meant to grab attention. I’ve neve hard of google me before and it couldn’t be as big as facebook, thats for sure

      • Guest

        For anyone who follows social media would know about the google me project. I’ve seen facebook grow from the beginning an loved it to the point I now hate it due to the restrictions and meaningless ads an spam. I don’t like being told my account is suspended because my company met 13 people at an event an I added them the same day. “facebook stated I didn’t know them an randomly adding people” when the actually looked up thier own accounts an added themselves on site. My facebook usage went from daily-several times a day, down to once a week. I’m anxiously awaiting googleme to be released!

  • http://www.efabe.co.uk eFABE Babes

    I have never heard of Google Me even though I use Google Adsense and a number of other apps which are brilliant. However, I dont believe for a minute Google Me will be as big or as user friendly as Facebook. Also I think Google Me will just be another way for Google to earn more money out of users. We will see though, time will tell. I look forward to hearing more about Google Me in the near future.

  • Guest from Holland

    For me, user of social media but non-user of Facebook it’s bright & clear. Facebook in my mind suffers a bad name after problems with privacy protection and deleting one’s account. And I’m not a fan of mr. Zuckerberg.
    Google has the advantage of creating solid tools with clear privacy statements. So when the Google Me project comes to The Netherlands, I take that train.
    Zuckerberg is the hawk, Google the d

  • http://www.ghiis.com Pete Kever

    Yes, Google has all of those things you mention, and to be sure they are powerful pieces of the puzzle. What Google doesn’t have, though, is a social media brand. People view Google as a search engine – a starting point for gathering intelligence online. Facebook meanwhile is a very powerful brand that users associate with connecting to other people.

    Making the leap over that fence is tougher than it sounds. Throughout history large companies with dominating brands in one area have a very difficult time developing a brand in another major area.

    If Google is to succeed in social media, it will take a long time. Meanwhile, is it possible that Facebook could become a larger player in search?

    • Chris Crum

      A lot of people are already using Google brands for social media: perhaps just not “Google” the brand (YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Blogger, etc.). The activity stream (if implemented right) could tie it all together in a way to get people to use them together. I do think we’ll see Facebook become a bigger player in search though.

  • STR82U

    Chris, you mentioned Google properties could be connected to make something like a complete social network and that sounds dead on to me. Some of us already have a personal set of “tools” of Google’s we use; Analytics, AdSense, AdPlanner, Gmail maybe, etc, etc. Socially though we might interact with webmasters and users through Code, Buzz and Talk, YouTube is a big one I almost forgot about, Blogger and the other publicly usable sites. We wouldn’t see much difference if all the logins were consolidated, right?

    Well, you all probably know what the many Google offerings are and it really is closer to being integrated than some might hope. Another take could be it will come sooner than we want or we won’t like it; you have to admint that is a lot of data. As big a “spread” as we can all agree that Google has, very few things can compete with some of the offerings. Integrated better, more like webmasters are getting, might be a scary thing.

    Good Morning Everyone!

  • tiggsy

    It just occurred to me that Wave integrated a fair bit, so maybe its demise is because they’re extending it to hold everything… Google Docs didn’t get mentioned in your piece (unless i missed it in the huge list), but that’s another property that could be included, as it was in Wave.

    Sounds interesting whether or not I’m right, and I will be watching with interest to see what happens

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, there is certainly room for Google Docs (I’m sure I didn’t mention every product that could potentially be integrated). Anything collaborative has the potential to be a part of this, I think.

  • Umarfaruk M

    Can u tel me what is google me? plzzz..

    • Chris Crum

      It has been rumored for some time that Google has been working on a new social network, tentatively called “Google Me”, as a potential competitor to Facebook. This past week, Google made comments indicating that they would not be launching a new product, but “Google Me” is actually a social layer that will be added to various existing Google products. It is very possible that it won’t be called “Google Me” at all. This is likely just an internal term, and a way to refer to the project when talking about it.

  • http://www.jamesctanner.com James C. Tanner

    There is no denying that Google has the necessary ingredients to make “Google Me” work. My concern pertains to the radical number of changes Google has been making in light of Facebook’s growing popularity. It creates the image of a lesser confident Google. If that image spreads it will reflect on it’s offerings, causing potential users to emotionally detach from Google’s services. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Google, but from a business perspective, I see a decreasing image of stability, and an increasing image of a corporation that’s scramble to hold onto the lead.


    James C. Tanner

  • http://www.humangrowthhormonemexico.com mark

    I really think as people discover putting personal information online is a bad idea these sites will fail.

    • Tom G

      Texting is stupid cause it should have been the next best thing from when we only had pagers and were waiting for the abilty to talk wireless and now that we have that they are wearing out thier thumbs texting HOW STUPID PICK UP THE DANG PHONE AND TALK

  • http://www.realhghmexico.com Jan

    Is any one really going to continue to to put all their personal information online?

  • http://www.marklancemoody.info hades

    After you are foolish enough to put all your personal Info on the social sites. You should contact us to clean up your internet reputation that you have surely destroyed.

  • http://www.prorealestatemexico.com hades

    WILL GOOGLE ME BE GOING AFTER THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET. After all that is 75% of internet users that would seem to the way to beat face book

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  • http://www.makwin.com/ DLM

    Google vs. Facebook
    Google is the ?ing (????)…
    Facebook hmm so it is a social network that are well used by owners in marketing and good earnings!
    Who stays who will fall, silly question.
    Of course we know, Facebook will start to die, disappear when the current generation will grow up and start to deal with something more serious.
    Is this true? then I’ll wait to see!!!

  • http://www.brokeneckstudio.com Guest

    I used to use Myspace but basically abandoned it for Facebook because the overuse of “apps” rendered most pages illegible and assaulting with horrid music, flashing graphics and every other concievable gimmick! Toooooo much!!

    Now I dislike Facebook because of the overuse of all the “Apps” again! This time it is those silly mind sucking games and ever changing policies! Tooo much!

    Come on Google! Give me something clean, simple and straight forward without my having to wade through 75% crap to socialize!

  • http://www.sunnymundo.com gio-domilici

    Google is just after …everything …….Google
    is an internet business grown too fast and
    too big. The real problem is that Google does
    not focus on his core business : search engines.

    Google strategy is wrong. ; one of these
    days some new internet guy will hit google
    on his core business .

    The way to expand their business is
    to take-over new companies.

    Google cannot keep on developing
    killer applications….dream on babe.

    Wait and you will see i am right.

    Easy come ….easy gone….

    giovanni domilici

  • http://www.mymedina.com Tina

    If one compares the rate of growth of Facebook with the relatively short time since it started being really successful it would not surprise me that a giant like Google would conquer on one hand new social users and, on the other, steal a part of Facebooks ones.

  • http://pc-insecurities.com Cliffsull

    Interesting read, I think we all saw that Google were lining up to take on Facebook and Google Me will certainly be a challenge for the FB crew.
    But you failed to mention Googles latest feature – Google’s Instant Search which it is now rolloing out and for which it promises a mobile version soon.
    What effects do you think Instant will have on the battle for Market Leadership between the two.
    Keep up the great articles –
    I’ll be back,

  • Jennifer C

    It is so difficult to keep up with all the social media networks and being in the real estate business, I don’t use many of the products available to its fullest potential because it’s overwhelming, confusing, and I find myself spending way too much time on the computer. Google Me is another product I have to learn to keep up with the never ending changes of our technology world.

  • http://cghearn.com cghearn

    I’m glad they didn’t try to do an Orkut remix.

  • Guest

    I am so fed up of hearing about Google and its various entities that I could scream. Their search engine works but as far as I am concerned, the rest of it leaves a lot to be desired. Can someone take them down?

  • http://www.kabbalart.com FELICE DEBRA ELISCU


  • http://www.allied-management.net NorbertoMoreau

    I suppose Facebook will loose the battle one day, because Google will be faster with his development. The translation section has been improved that quick in the last 12 months and all systems together will develope a kind of artificial brain, knowing what the user will do next and supporting him finding the way through the jungle of datas.

    • http://www.selfhelpmadeasy.blogspot.com/ amirizar10

      Googe I like, face book not as much.

  • http://www.omsofttech.com Om Software Technologies Inc.

    Dear Friends,

    Have a nice day !!!

    In our life we always respect who help us when we are in need, google is most respectable than all as when ever we want any thing GOOGLE is like God always come first to give solution ….

    Google is also God for 80% of the software and website designing firms like us ( Om Software Technologies Inc.)

    Facebook is also having its own features but Google will be always “The Great”….



    Om Software Technologies Inc.

  • http://adogsyarn.com Rita

    I havent heard of Google Me till today but I did wonder when Google would take facebook on
    Face book is I think struggling to keep pace with its growth, it is starting to “Hang” more and more so I feel with googles expertise it will, as always win

  • http://www.neomarketing.co.uk/news Glasgow Marketing Man

    As a few people have touched on, Google Me probably wont be a google branded product; look at Youtube, Blogger etc. And to those who say that facebook will be around forever, thats what folks were saying about myspace just a few years back, the same for Bebo in the UK. It’s all ebb and flow, every brand has a life cycle…

  • Sarah Cahill

    My social media life is my own…

    It doesn’t belong to anyone else. Facebook currently have the privelege of managing it for me, but that will likely change.

    In future, commercial companies will have to work harder to earn such a privelege! One of my many demands will be interoperability or convergence or whatever. I shall express and explore my social media life on my terms. No funny stuff. It’s my life, after all!

  • miguel

    Google already has been reported for invading peoples privercy unlike facebook google is getting ready for the birth of internet 2 it is my belief that “Google reportedly said they’ll get the coveted Facebook data one way or another too” in other words Google even though they record and store what information you are searching for on the internet through its search engines wants to be more than competertive they want to be able to gather data on every one who uses the internet, this is what they mean by one way or another the consumer watchdog caspian has aready warned people about Google having to much power I would say that becareful what information about yourself you put on a social network the more info you put about your self the more they have to about you this makes it easyer for world governments, big brother etc to have personal information about you.

    • Miguel

      sorry for the grammer.

      here is my correction

      Google already has been reported for invading peoples privercy unlike facebook, google is getting ready for the birth of internet 2, it is my belief that what they have stated “Google reportedly said they’ll get the coveted Facebook data one way or another too” in other words Google even though they record and store what information they have on you when you are searching for on the internet its is google wants to be more than competertive they want to be able to gather data on everyone who uses the internet possible to own it, this is what they mean by one way or another the consumer watchdog caspian has aready warned people about Google having to much power in the information it collects, I would say that becareful what information about yourself you put on a social network the more info you put about your self the more they have to about you this makes it easyer for world governments, big brother etc to have personal information about you.

      I would say that the birth of internet 2 relieased in 2012 is the death of internet 1 this also will be the end of freedom of speach on the internet, internet 2 states it will enforce mass censorship on the internet.

  • http://spxtimer.com/Market_Timer.html Richard the spx timer guy

    I am so pissed at Google now, I don’t really care what they do. They just shut down my excellent Adwords campaign – reason? Who knows? I only get the canned document links sent to me.

    By the way, I saw Microsoft go through this phase years ago. It is part of the maturation process.

  • http://www.artofstorytellingshow.com Storytelling

    Once again we see a trend towards opt out in stead of opt in – so annoying waiting for all those pesky people to decide that they liked what your major corporations offer – let’s just include them from the beginning… In social networking this is a bad idea whose time has come… but the sheer size of the decision should – by it’s very audacity – outwit the dimness…

  • http://w1z111-campfirecontent.blogspot.com Guest

    Although I have not yet delved into Google Me very much, I have seen and heard enough that I at least have some opinion on it. Well, actually, I probably have opinions about Google, more than anything else. So far, in my opinion, Google still carries enough influence and web-charisma to out-do just about anything out there, if they put their mind (and resources) to it. I know that Google has the resources and the capable visionaries to pretty-much write the book on all-things-web; although I sometimes puzzle over their strategies and marketing (or lack of).

    Time will tell, I guess…whozitgonnabe?

  • Guest

    yahoo can claim 600 million what? users… so what, ask Myspace about it …. zero traffic = zero people

  • http://www.hotonblog.com Shally Martin

    Thanks for the post Chris. Upon reading your article, I think Google Me will be the next top social media. Not only because of what they had built before but it is more to the size of the company. Google itself is bigger than Facebook to begin with and there is thousand of working brain in google to make all their project a success. But this is only on my point of view, we don’t know what might happen next. Can’t wait for this.

  • Vincent

    Google doesn’t have the WOW factor like Facebook had. Oh there is a new social network? Really, what’s the name? Facebook! Wow, let’s signup dude. Wait, there is a new social network. Really What’s the name. Google.. ahhh, the search engine… The ole search engine??? Well, I already have my contact on Facebook. How do I get all those people to sign up with Google and what for if I’m happy here on Facebook? Is Google giving out $100 bills for the switch?

    I don’t think GoogleMe will go anywhere really. Unless they hire a couple kid programmers, create a fake story about them starting their social network from their basement and excluding the “google” name from the name, I don’t see them going anywhere. It would just another Microsoft “Live”, etc. The brand is burnt out and it is synonymous with search, not anything social. Just watch GoogleMe disappear 6 months after. It will be abandoned just like most of their projects.

  • http://www.knight-writer.co.uk Bill Knight

    Let’s face it… Google has positioned itself in a very powerful place and unless Facebook brings out it’s own search engine and browser, Google will continue to edge its way into everyone’s online experience. However, it’s one thing to share information but it’s perhaps unwise to share too much personal information. Who needs Big Brother when you have Facebook and MySpace?

  • http://www.theanaloguerevolution.com Pete

    Before the dot com bubble burst all the big players were trying to make

  • http://artisanproduction.co sushil


    i want to detail about our site . it’s new site , i want a lot of gadding and traffic increase my site and how to earn and this site

  • http://blog.tamar.com/ Henry Elliss

    Google may well have all those things (though I think you’re being very kind on some of them – Picasa is nowhere NEAR as popular or liked as Facebook photos) but they’re all in very different places. Facebook’s ‘edge’ is that they’re all in one handy website – if Google are even going to have a hope of competing, they’ll need something better than iGoogle.

    IMHO, they should keep concentrating on search – leave social to the other guys…

  • http://www.nicetiestore.com Jeffrey Hunter

    What Google is doing already on the Internet is sensational. I can get a blog post indexed in a few minutes and have that page landing on Google Page One. Google so far ahead of Yahoo in the search indexing that leaving them in the dust is not a fair description – the relevance of the search results and the logistics of getting listed in the organic search results makes Google in a league of their own. As far as Face Book is concerned it is confusing, clumsy, and just plain user-unfriendly. My Face Book pages are bogged down with all kinds of posts and stuff that makes it ridiculous and psychotic. If Google can clean up the act that Face Book cannot master and add everything else that they do so perfectly then I will sleep much better and have a complete Web Program that will allow my on-line business to soar.

    • Guest

      Man, regarding your comments about Google, man, can you pass that koolaid around man? What are you drinking for God’s sake! LOL. Either your post was just posted by a spambot or something ain’t right in that head of yours.

  • http://bu2u.net buzzirk bryan

    Lets see how easy it is to get social with Google-me first.My opinion the company who gets to the global mobile social market does real well in the future.

  • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

    As mentioned in the article, Google would seem to have all or at least many of the bits and pieces necessary to field what arguably could be considered the ultimate of social networks but unfortunately for Google, they are a bit like Microsoft in that ‘this’ project group doesn’t speak with or seem to know much about ‘that’ project group, beyond putting links on their service’s pages to each other.

    For Google to give pause to Facebook and the like, Google would have to come up with an over-arching application, possibly client side, that integrates all Google’s various application into a cohesive package. That said, a Google OS might provide the base needed upon which such an application could be created.

  • Latino

    English is not my first language so here goes.

    Google will fail at anything Social and that will be the end of Google because Facebook will then know they truly rule the web and enter search. Google is too late in the game. It’s like Google trying to replace ebay. They came up with Froogle, Google products or whatever which is similar. Ebay is still there even with the abuse that is going on over there. What is Froogle? Nobody knows what that is.

    Facebook is already there and 99.9% people seem to like it. They have so many tentacles all over the web that it is impossible for Google to do them any significant damage. The relationships are already built at Facebook. You might argue “well they were already built at Myspace too and look now”. Myspace was the child in the social movement and facebook took that child from them, nurtured it, fed it, clothed it and now that child is an adult, a Facebook adult. Even old people use Facebook now which they didn’t at Myspace. Who is going to join Google now? Aliens? If you think about social these days, the first word that comes to mind is FACEBOOK. Google is trying to get that adult from Facebook which ain’t going to happen. They are too late in the game. Facebook has a lot of social patents too.

    Google is not successful at anything unless they buy it. Most of their products are a total failure and 90% are abandoned shorter after their release. They got lucky with search because they got that child from altavista, Yahoo and nurtured it. Now that search child is an adult. Google is synonymous with search. It’s tough for a search company to replace Google even with all of Google algo. tantrums.

    • Kiara

      I agree.

    • john chapstric

      ….what’s gonna happen is you are gonna do a search on your name and then
      claim it like they do businesses. Once you claim it . Then it will default you to
      a profile page. You’ll then be suckered into filling it out to claim yourself.

      It will be based on your real name. Just like Facebook is. This is how it’s gonna
      all take place. Integrated into their search engine. How brilliant. (*yawn)

      • Guest

        Yeah but then they’ll get into antitrust issues if they do that.

  • http://webshared.ws/ Software Download

    The real question, though, is whether Google Me will be able to succeed where Facebook couldn’t.

  • Jannik Lindquist

    I think you are absolutely correct, Chris – and Facebook’s silly claim of half a bllion users is clearly a desperate attempt to prevent us all from realizing what you are saying here: that Facebook is surrounded by Google no matter which way they turn.

  • Guest

    Yes, I use Facebook a lot. I am on it everyday. But every time I used it I scratch my head why so many people tolerate its illogical interface. And it’s chat is a joke. It is so slow and difficult to use. And as mentioned before photo sharing is the number one use of Facebook and it does a horrible job at it. Picasa is so much better. Facebook is so popular because there is no competition and it grew fast and swallowed up a lot of users. I will be one of the first to try an alternative that is more user friendly, where I can present my photos the way I want (on Facebook there is no control). Remember MySpace? I tried it because everyone was telling me to sign up. But to me it was a bunch of confusing mess on a screen. Now it is almost history. You can see Facebook is trying to clean up their act and make their user interface more organized but it is still slow and cumbersome. You can tell they are worried about competition coming. To me Facebook is not like Microsoft or Google. It is very one dimensional and can go down fast like Myspace.

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