Google Maybe Could Possibly Buy Skype

    November 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Or not. Give Jemima Kiss at the Guardian credit for knowing how to toss some linkbait out there. Rumor has it Google is negotiation to buy eBay’s mistake.

That’s the rumor, anyway, and half the A-list thinks it makes pretty good sense, considering Google missed out on buying them the first time. "Missed out" as in wouldn’t pay the ridiculous price eBay eventually did.

Kiss sources "London’s webbist community," which we take to mean "two blokes in a pub" who know a guy who knows a guy.

 Google Maybe Could Possibly Buy Skype

Experience tells us that Google won’t comment on rumor and speculation, and Om Malik beat us to beating an almost comment out of Skype, which goes this way:

What would we do without rumors?! We’re sure that someone is using Skype right now to give new life to old ones and create new ones from scratch. We certainly understand it — after all, Skype is about making conversations possible. That said, we don’t comment on rumor on speculation (beyond what we’ve just said).

Ha, ha, "Skype spokesperson," if that is your real name.