Google May Take Over More Design Jobs

Google Opens Up New Templates Gallery for Sites

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Web designers beware. Google is expanding its templates for Google Sites, which is part of Google Apps, and the company is really pushing Google Apps these days. What this means is that as more businesses adopt Google Apps and find a wider variety of site templates to choose from, the less they may need the services of web designers for basic design work (developers are a different story).

Ok, perhaps it is a bit of an exaggeration to assume that this is going to completely put web designers out of work. Website templates have been around for years. It’s just that the potential of Google Apps to infiltrate more and more offices may lead to more widespread use of Google Sites.

Google has just launched a new template gallery for Google Sites, and it is public. Anyone can contribute templates by simply following these steps:

1. Open up the site you want to add to the gallery (the site must be published and you must be an owner to submit the site).

2. Select ‘More actions’, ‘Manage site,’ ‘General’, and chose ‘Publish this site as a template.’

3. Choose a template name, a category, enter a description and click ‘Submit template.’

While anyone can browse the gallery, businesses using Google Apps each have a private area where employees can share site templates with coworkers. Site templates can be used not only to build business websites, but intranets and more.

Corporate Intranet Template

"The rate that businesses are adopting Google Sites has surpassed our expectations, and templates will make Sites even more useful by dramatically reducing the time it takes to set up collaborative workspaces like employee intranets, project tracking sites, team sites and employee profile pages," says Google Sites product manager Scott Johnston. "Templates let you quickly start a new site with pre-built content, embedded gadgets, page layouts, navigation links, theming and more."

Given that anyone can contribute templates to the gallery, it stands to reason that it will grow quickly and greatly. One knock against site templates has always been that they don’t make for a unique design. These days the chances of having a truly unique design are getting slimmer and slimmer as the web becomes more flooded with content. However, the more templates that are available, the less chances you have of actually coming across different sites that use the same one. Given that this is a Google product, it’s almost certain that it will get many contributions.

Do you think designers should worry about Google Sites? Share your thoughts here.

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Google May Take Over More Design Jobs
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  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    I guess wordpress is going out of business… I mean why make a template for wordpress when you can make it for Google… Everybody loves Google…

    So can I like get in invite to this template gallery or what?

  • http://www.make-a-great-website.com Jacob Godwin

    This is great news for Google, but it’s nothing new. Templates have been around for years. And this doesn’t sound too much different from what WordPress currently does.

    There are hundreds (if not thousands) of WordPress themes. They look nice and are most of them are very unique. WordPress is already light years ahead of Google in this area as it’s considered by many as a full CMS.

    Yet, many people still hire designers to design their WordPress sites and blogs.

    The same thing will happen with Google Apps. They may get thousands of templates, but people will want different designs and different looks. But they won’t have the time to do it themselves.

    So, they’ll hire a designer.

  • Cormac

    This will be handy for the crushed-velvet clad, goth-woman selling crushed faeries and crystals on the internet, or maybe small businesses who don’t need anything more than a brochure site but for any company serious about doing business on the internet it will not be an option. Templates don’t have the flexibility to let your website grow and change as your business does.

    Plus the added bonus is, now goth-woman and the small businesses aren’t going to be annoying you looking for a website on a budget of

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

      So… Basically… It will take design jobs away from some people…

      Let’s be honest about the situation though… it’s going to take alot of jobs away from the web hosts, and the developers too.

      I mean lets face it… Convincing somebody that building your website on Google infrastructure is somehow non-scalable or prohibitive to the grow of your business. That’s going to be a hard sell that gets harder as the years go by…

      • cormac

        I’m not suggesting it would inhibit your company’s growth, I’m saying there is a distinct difference between the type of site Google can offer and the sort of site a large business would need.

        You shouldn’t need to voice an opinion on which your client needs, if you explain the pros and cons of each they should be able to reach that conclusion themselves.

        Maybe down the road Google will be able to offer out-of-the-box solutions to larger organisations, however companies that size will probably have the budget to have a custom design rather than a template design (ie. they would want designers to redesign the templates). It’s kind of like using any CMS, most organisations that use them will invest money in making sure they have a unique style/look that works with their brand.

  • http://queensoccer.ecrater.com/ sunny

    Each business has different demand on its own website so the free templates from Google may not be able to response the demand perfectly. So the web designer can go on his job. The Google app. just makes his job to be harder.

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