Google May Employ Simply Hired

    May 8, 2007

This week has seen one eBusiness rumor after another come to light, and the latest nugget indicates that Google may be interested in buying Simply Hired.  If an acquisition occurs, this job search engine would fill in an obvious blank in Google’s arsenal.

Google May Employ Simply Hired
Google May Employ Simply Hired
Google May Employ Simply Hired

According to a report from alarm:clock, at least one knowledgeable onlooker thinks that a deal will take place.  “Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry says that Google is stepping up its efforts to buy VC-backed SimplyHired,” the site reported.

Those “efforts” (if authentic) will almost surely succeed – between Google’s cachet and its cash, few companies can say “no” to the search engine giant.  But alarm:clock went on to point out another reason why this could be a match made in Heaven: “[Simply Hired’s] angels are GOOG angels.”

Furthermore, Simply Hired is, like Google, “based in Mountain View,” and also “targets the long tail and landed a MySpace deal.”

Still, there are those who think that an acquisition is doubtful.  On the VC Ratings blog, Joshua Jaffe writes, “I don’t buy this one.  Google has acquired a lot of companies in the past six years and a grand total of two were focused on search.  This is something Google does best and doesn’t need to go outside the Googleplex for in all but the most bleeding edge of cases.”

As for the argument that Google lacks a job search engine . . . well, that issue’s apparently not  on the “bleeding edge.”  And Jaffe points out that Google’s “64% search engine market share affords it the opportunity to put anything it wants in front of lots of users.”

All in all, this leaves us with just one more will they/won’t they situation; refer to Microsoft and Yahoo, Google and Dow Jones, or MySpace and Photobucket for other recent examples.  Still, it’s always fairly exciting to see the Google checkbook crack open.