Google May Buy Brightcove For $700 Million

    September 16, 2009

Google’s getting grabby.  The evidence: on his blog last night, Matt Cutts invited Yahoo engineers to come work for the search giant.  This afternoon, Google announced its acquisition of reCAPTCHA.  And now, there’s word that Google is attempting to buy Brightcove, too.

Brightcove is an online video platform with over 200 partners.  The companies it has ties to include powerful ones like Adobe, AOL, comScore, Nielsen, and OgilvyInteractive.  Plus Google.

Anyway, Mark Glaser, the executive editor of PBS’s MediaShift, was the one to break the acquisition attempt news.  On Twitter, he wrote, "Source with knowledge of deal tells me video service Brightcove in talks with Google about buyout in $500m to $700m range."

In a follow-up tweet, Glaser then noted, "Brightcove deal for Google would give YouTube entree into paid video service with many traditional media co. clients."  And considering that Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube about three years ago and still can’t turn squeeze a profit from it, the idea of it spending a little more now isn’t hard to believe.

We’ll be sure to report any additional information about the situation as it becomes available.  It should be interesting to see if Google snatches at any more stuff over the next few days, too.