Google Maps Remembers Your Address

    August 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s Maps team has implemented a little feature that has been present for a while in competing products like Windows Live Local – the ability to save locations.

Thai Tran, Product Manager for Google Maps, posted a note at the Google Blog about the newest tweak they have routed to users. On Google Maps, users may now store a list of personal addresses.

Having a free Google Account to login to is required to use the feature. The “Saved Locations” link at the top right of Google Maps takes the user to the stored list, where it may be edited as desired.

As an extra convenience, Google Maps will auto-save every address one searches for through the service. Those locations can be labeled with a more personal designation, like “home” or “work” or “Batcave” perhaps. Google recognizes that some people may be more enamored with that feature than others, and allows for it to be disabled.

Google’s developers have been very keen on the auto-complete feature, last seen added to Google Finance to give visitors fast access to a stock’s information. Auto-complete has been added to Maps now, as noted by Tran in the blog entry:

The next time you start entering an address or a label into Google Maps, we’ll offer to auto-complete it for you if it’s in your saved locations. Auto-completion is also available when you’re searching for businesses. If you’ve labeled the address “1600 Amphitheatre Pky, Mountain View, CA” as “work” (as some Googlers would), when you start typing [pizza near work], we’ll offer to auto-complete it as [pizza near 1600 Amphitheatre Pky, Mountain View, CA].


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