Google Maps Now Offers Better Biking Directions


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Google warmed the hearts of hipsters and bicycle enthusiasts alike back in March of last year when they introduced the biking directions feature on Google Maps that would allow bikers to coordinate the best bike-ready route on a map. Today, Google has improved the feature a little in order to offer clearer details of the bike routes' characteristics.

From Google's Lat Long Blog:

Since no bike path is the same, many users have requested an easier way to differentiate the different types of bike routes that are available. Starting today, a new legend feature can help you understand what the different colors on the bike maps symbolize.

  • Dark green is for dedicated trails and paths
  • Light green is for roads with dedicated lanes
  • Dotted green is for roads that are friendly for cyclists

  • As you can see, the options are now featured in the drop-down menu that's located in the upper-right corner of the map. In other words, you choose how often and intensely you want to jockey against cars when you'e biking through mid-town traffic on your lunch break. Or, if you choose, chance an adventure among hostile drivers who will not so much as flinch when they nudge you off the road.

    Additionally, Android devices will have access to the biking directions by going to the Google Maps page on your mobile browser.

    Go forth and bike your own adventure, Google-friended bicyclists.