Google Maps Locates God(s) in Switzerland


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Some peculiar things have been spotted by Google Maps users over the years. There was rumored discovery of Atlantis, some hilarious captures of people falling, and, well, lots of other major weird. Now, prepare to add another page to the Google Maps black casebook.

If you type in the coordinates "47.110579 9.227568" in the Google Maps search bar. You'll be located along the southern shore of Walensee Lake in Switzerland. Upon searching for the coordinates, you'll see a green arrow. Click on the green arrow and select the "more" drop-down menu to change to Street View. Once you're on the ground level, you'll be looking out over the road barrier toward the lake. Simply click on the map and drag it to the right so that you'll be facing northeast. Then look up.

You should see this:

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While this is probably an optical illusion created from the combination of the Street View's stitching together of images and the remnants of an object that got mostly blurred out, it's still kinda weird to see a duo of gods hanging out on top of clouds.

Maybe we shouldn't be zombieing up our neighbors after all. Or, maybe the Good Lords are just fans of primo chocolate.