Google Maps Just Calls It `Taiwan`

    October 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

After receiving some criticism from the Taiwanese government and some of its citizens, Google has dropped the Province of China’ label from Taiwan on Google Maps.

Having been a self-ruled island since the end of a civil war with mainland China in 1949, Taiwan was displeased with being displayed on Google Maps as Taiwan, Province of China.’ A Mercury News report said that dispute has been resolved.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the company had made that change, and now the island shows up labeled as Taiwan on Google Maps. The update was part of an overall update to the Maps service, which has been merged with Google Local. That service has left beta and been given a bit of an update to its interface.

Last week, Taiwan began making its displeasure known to Google and the media. A Taiwanese official expressed the country’s views to Reuters. “It is incorrect to call Taiwan a province of China because we are not,” foreign ministry spokesman Michel Lu said. “We have contacted Google to express our position and asked them to correct the description.”

A grass-roots email campaign began, with messages sent to Google and news outlets. Those senders encouraged Google to remove the offending Province of China’ label. WebProWorld received one of those messages:

Google made a mistake to label TAIWAN is a province of CHINA on her China’s map.

It’s TRUE that China never collect her taxes and control this island one day since War World II.

Please help to make any necessary correction on this subject.

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