Google Maps Invites Error Reports

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If you see something wrong within Google Maps, you don’t have to “take it” – users can now report problems. The average user may not get a lot out of this feature, however, because it only applies to business listings.

In other words, Google Maps may still erroneously advise people to drive 10 kilometers instead of take 30 steps. But other mistakes, such as incorrect phone numbers or inaccurate hours of operation, can be fixed.

“Occasionally, this information may be incorrect or outdated,” one Google Maps Help page admitted. “Please tell us,” it continued, if “the name, phone number, or address is incorrect,” “business information (e.g. hours or payment accepted), reviews, or web references are incorrect,” or “my home phone number or address appears in this listing.”

Even if these options aren’t revolutionary, they are nice to have; Barry Schwartz (A.K.A. “rustybrick”) attributed their introduction to Mike Blumenthal. “I think Mike’s work in getting Google’s map team to spot it was the reason for the new way to report issues on unverified listings,” Schwartz wrote.

And – although they may seem like a rather minor matter to some – those “issues” have been a big deal at times. For a while, it appeared, even to an expert like Schwartz, that a business’s competitors could “hijack” its Google listings. The problem was later exposed by Blumenthal as “just an overly aggressive algorithm."

Google’s fix for Maps, then, is definitely welcome, but that’s not all the company has been up to. As our Jason Lee Miller reports, Google is also addressing potential malware sites that turn up in its search results.

Google Maps Invites Error Reports
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  • Jim

    When I typed in New York to Paris France it tells me to swim the Atlantic. Should it not say Cross the Atlantic?

    • JiMCi

      I find it’s a nice little way to tell you “c’mon, do you REALLY mean you want to drive from New York to Paris?

    • loring palmer

      boston maps could not find chauncey st.in the downtown area. it’s in back of the hyatt regency—had to look at the road atlas after google failed. please update your information on boston streets

  • Jim

    When I typed in New York to Paris France it tells me to swim the Atlantic. Should it not say Cross the Atlantic?

  • Kurt Benjamin

    Try reporting the errors to Tele-Atlas. They are the map data provider for google, and they are far more interested in fixing their mistakes. After all, they really are the one’s that get paid for the service. Google would rather just find another service provider.

  • Ralph De La Luz


  • Ben Johnson

    Johnson Road, Rockville, VA 23145 is shown as someone’s private driveway. It actually starts @ 37-42-15-36N and 77-38-58-87W and ends @ 37-41-58-40N and 77-38-41-35N. Quarry Hill Lane (not Road) also ends at the same ending coordinates as Johnson Road.  It begins @ 37-41-37-10N and 77-37-45-43W. 

  • Scott

    While doing a search for treadmills, Google suggested "did you mean" threadmill? It then goes on to list treadmill sites.

  • anji

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

    Script: http://maps.google.com/intl/en_ALL/mapfiles/122/maps2.api/main.js:422

  • Silvia Lopez

    My parents moved to a new neighborhood. The street name is: JUNIPER SHORES, Houston, TX 77044, but the google map shows JUMPER SHORES.  Hopefully this is something Google can report to the data feeder for the maps. Thanks.

  • http://www.sardi-melbourne.com A Chadwick


    Initially, it was amusing to find that my stats for that site has been pumped up by visitors looking for ‘medical clinics in Heidelberg, Victoria Australia’.

    But, the continuous erroneous visits through Google Map (Aus) is becoming a nuisance, as I have to "weed out" those visits, to get the true stats for the site.

    Please tell me how to wake up Google Map Team re this problem



  • Ken Gionet

    kiwi drive in sebastian,fl street name is showing as

    n tamarind circle in error.

    It used to be correct but now is in error.


  • Lawrence Suffrin

    university of virginia, charlottesville, claude moore health sciences lib is NOT located on Harris St. Correct address 1300 Jefferson Park Ave.
    The telephone number is correct.

  • Guest

    I am getting an error “Error On Page” display in the lower left corner of my status bar when trying to display google maps on my page. Also if I want to change the map. Thank you for your help!

  • Guest

    Google Maps has chosen to use Tele Atlas data to locate 48 Tandberg Trail; Windham, ME 04062. Tele Atlas data send users off in the wrong direction. People often have traveled a couple of miles in the wrong direction before giving up and calling to find out where we are. I have attempted to pass this information to Google Maps with no resultes. Tele Atlas doesn’t even offer a communication option for such an error!

    • Guest

      Yes Tele Atlas does let you report errors, its right there on the front of there webstie, and has been for some time


  • Guest

    As i serching for driving direction in google map I found steps it has given is not clear . for example I was looking for driving direction from North York, Toronto to Pearson international airport in Toronto. It gave me several steps but did not mentioned highway direction. It only said take ON-401. Highway 401 goes from East to west.Direction didn’t say I should take East or west. Few months ago it used to give me proper direction…Take a look plz.

  • Guest

    At Voting location “Greenbrier Middle School Annex, 11810 Huffman Road, Parma Heights, Ohio 44130″, Google Maps shows the location to be more than 200 meters east of the correct location, and across a major road (Stumph Road). Google got the address location wrong where Yahoo and Mapquest both got it correct.

  • gulinder

    My street Name is speled wrong way. My street nmae is
    Wilton Ca. 95693.
    It is miss speled like Jodhp UR ct. Galt Ca. which is wrong. Galt city is 20 miles from my town and street name is wrong speled. This need to be fix As SOON AS POSIBLE. Please.

  • Guest

    There are some streets that are incorrectly wrote in Montevideo, Uruguay. For example:
    1. Ram

  • http://www.ipmi.org/ Sandra A

    Please note that a JW Marriott does not exist at 5101 North 12th Avenue in Pensacola Florida as is depicted on google maps when searching for a Marriott in Pensacola FL. Icon F is an error. The phone number listed for the non existing property is not affliated with Marriott either.

  • Guest

    Company: Bad Boy Body Graphics Tattoo
    Website: Badboybodygraphics.com

    Our street address is 8125 Monterey Hwy “b” (city: San Jose; town: Coyote). However, it is listed as 8125 Monterey St, this places us in a town called Gilroy, which is 45 minutes away. Also, when listing tattoo shops in gilroy we pop up! This is causing great confusion and a definite loss of business according to the numerous calls each month in this regard. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Any questions please call the shop at 408-463-0200, or email me at p.mcelearney@gmail.com

    Thank you,


  • Cliff

    Correct placement on map is here http://www.greenville.k12.sc.us/gcsd/schools/drivedir/schools/hillcresth.asp (school web site). It is approximately a mile south of your location on the map. On your maps, the true school location is found at 127-161 Industrial Dr. See satellite images and photos of area. The correct address should read 3665 South Industrial Drive.

  • Guest


    at the above url site the name Hunnebostrand can be seen twice giving the wrong direction for a visitor. the most northern position is incorrect and should be removed as the village is at the lower spot.

    thank you for correcting this.

  • Edward Dratver

    6635 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91201 is tagged near intersection with Graham Pl.
    when in reality it is near the intersection with Westren Ave.

  • Guest

    Please see link:

    KRNT Wieland Design
    101 SE 2nd Ave
    Delray Beach, FL 33444-3617

    (561) 278-3677?

    Name of location should be:
    Krent Wieland Design


  • Mike

    Note that these directions take you in a circle:

    14. Turn right at AL-210/Ross Clark Circle/US-84
    3.7 mi
    15. Make a U-turn at W Main St
    92 ft
    16. Take the 1st left onto W Main St
    1.5 mi
    17. Turn left at S Woodburn Dr

  • Guest

    The incorrect name of the street: LESKAROVA, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Correct name of the street: LESKOVAROVA, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Please fix this because we have many problems:(

  • Hank

    When keying 1500 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada the map and my GPS shows access to this address as turning right on San Remo Private and after a circle there it sends the driver behind the buildings of 1490,1500,1510 and 1520 Riverside Drive which can not be accessed from that direction because it is the bus transitway. The correct direction is simply to turn left at the same street light of the turn into San Remo Private which would then lead to the entrance to the gated community where all 4 above condominium buildings are located. Could the proper correction please be made so that visitors might be able to more effectively locate these four addresses

  • Matt

    In countries where the Mapping Data isn’t provided by Google, you can submit errors to the map data providers directly! In most or Eorope map data is provided by Tele Atlas. (http://www.teleatlas.com)


  • Guest

    The mall “parker Place” in Richmond, BC on No.3 Road marked at an incorrect location.
    The mall you marked as Parker Place I believe it’s called “Emperior Centre” instead. And “Parker Place” is the one on it’s right facing west.

    I don’t know how I could attach the jpeg to show u where the mall location is.
    If you would let me know how I could attach the jpeg to you that would be good.


  • Jolanta Snowel

    Search for 114 Garcia Ln, Rockville MD, 20750 fails because the street name is misspeled: Gracia. Please, correct the street name, it affects all people living on Garcia lane.

  • Bob Fleck

    You have Sasquaqtch lane in Monroeton , Pa 18832 marked at the wrong location. It should be located I mile north on left . This is where our local township has it marked at, Bob

  • Guest

    When I go off my account and back on all the long journeys i have entered are muddled up?! is anyone else having this problem?! or does anyone else know how i can stop this from happening?!

  • Orkid

    I wanted “60 State St, Boston, MA 02109″ but I keep getting directed to “60 State St, Cambridge, MA 02139″

  • Ken Reid

    Well BT16 1XN is Hanwood Avenue , Dundonald Belfast is in Co Down not Co Antrim.
    The Rever Lagan runs through Belfast, To the east of the river, East Belfast is in Co Down and North
    and West Belfast are in Co Antrim.
    In other words The River Lagan is the boundery between Down and Antrim.
    Just because you have Belfast in the address does not mean its in Co Antrim


    Ken Reid

  • Guest

    we are a new restaurant located inside the inn @ oyster point .It seems the bulk of our quests that are getting lost are using google maps.THEY ARE BEENING SENT TO THE YACHT CLUB. Serveral guests were upset with goggle , and i did not want your brand to be bad mouthed or comprimised ,due to the fact no one from our end has contacted you .
    South Harbor Waterfront Restaurant and bar
    425 marina blvd
    So.San Francisco Ca, 94080
    located inside the inn @oyster point
    thank you for your time
    Lacey L. Valiyev

  • http://leonpericles.com.au Moira Pericles

    Error in location in Margaret River, Western Australia:
    Widji Lane has been confused with Wilga Lane.
    Easy to see how it can happen with similar names. But, confusing for our visitors!!
    We are 18 Widji Lane, Margaret River.
    Leon & Moira Pericles

  • http://googlemaps deborah Hyppa

    in Essington, PA, 19029, we have a one-way street called Wannamaker. it’s one-way East, so I can’t follow the directions I just got to “drive west on Wannamaker.” it’s a short street, but it’s only one lane, so you can see how that wouldn’t work out. please put the little indicator arrows on Wannamaker – you’ve already got them on the parallel street, Industrial. thank you for all the times you’ve helped me get where I’m going!

  • Jerry Zachgo

    I am part time EMS responder and the other day we were using google maps to show new members where road were. As we looked at the map we saw severl road named wrong along one section of road. I am now sure who checks the names of the road before they go on the map but they may need to check with a local person to make sure the roads are right.

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