Google Maps In NZ Gets Business Listings

    December 12, 2007

A service’s ability to provide driving directions is valuable only if you know where you’re going.  So New Zealand’s version of Google Maps is stepping up and providing something new: business listings.

Google Maps In NZ Gets Business Listings

Yes, I know, business listings are only new in the sense that used cars can be new to fresh buyers.  Still, this is a necessary step forward for Google in New Zealand; in this particular market, another service has a head start.

“We’ve been expecting Google to enter the market for some time,” John Clegg told Peter Griffin.  Clegg is the founder and CEO of Project X Technology, which, in turn, owns ZoomIn, a mapping service.

But even if his company’s popularity may affect the pickup of Google Maps, Clegg doesn’t believe the two should be direct competitors.  “We think it will be good for the market as they have a good product and it is good for the profile of dynamic mapping,” he continued.

It looks like the launch of business listings for Google Maps in New Zealand is going to benefit everyone, then.  (Nerd side note:) Maybe even Peter Jackson, if he would somehow sign on to direct The Hobbit and start filming in that country.