Google Maps, Google Earth Match Up With Scientists, Webcams

    April 17, 2009

It seems that, before long, Google Maps and Google Earth will be just about everywhere you look.  In the past two days, the programs have made inroads with both scientists and civilians, respectively. 

Google Logo

Let’s start with the scientific stuff.  A post on the LatLong Blog explained, "The University of Michigan is continuing their recent advocacy efforts by hosting an event focused on science applications of Google Earth.  The conference, which will take place on Wednesday, April 22nd (Earth Day!) in Ann Arbor, will feature a series of presentations on active efforts in the natural resource sciences that use Google Earth and KML to visualize and communicate their work."

So in another couple of years, we might see some Nobel Prize winners giving presentations containing all sorts of Google logos.

As for the development that’s likely to have a slightly wider appeal, Google’s work with is complete.  We reported in July that the two organizations were making shots from webcams available through Google Earth.  Now, as the official blog reported, "All the webcams from are . . . available on the integrated layer of Google Maps."

Don’t count on seeing actual live video, but very fresh snapshots should still given people an idea of what’s going on in a featured area.  Possible uses include checking the weather, traffic, or just doing a Street View-style sightseeing thing.