Google Maps Gadget Aims To Help Businesses Be Found

    July 7, 2009

Let’s be honest: someone who’s incapable of copying and pasting an address into Google Maps may not be worth having as a customer.  But most companies like to make things easy on people, and a new Google Maps gadget should ensure that it’s easy for would-be clients to find businesses.

A post on the LatLong Blog explains, "This simple gadget allows webmasters to add customized Google Maps directions to their business locations. . . .  The gadget allows you to pre-fill the ‘To’ field with one or multiple addresses.  Customers are then able to print their directions with a single click."

This should increase the convenience factor of businesses’ sites, even as it allows firms to make sure potential shoppers don’t wander away.  A nice touch is that companies can keep messy street addresses out of the "To" fields, as well – it’s possible to use more recognizable names and aliases. 

Legoland, Google Maps Gadget

As you can see, Legoland California‘s already taken advantage of the Google Maps offering.  More serious entities like Emeril Lagasse restaurants and Harvard have put it to use, too.

The gadget’s available in 23 languages, so it’s probably just a matter of time until businesses all over the world are on much better terms with Google Maps.