Google Maps Eliminates Usability Mistake

    October 26, 2006

Gogole Maps had one incredibly annoying feature: Click the name of your search result in the balloon on the map, and get transported to a new page with more info on the result, including a mini-map and search results. While the more info page was very useful, the fact that it was a new page and appeared in the same tab made it very annoying, since you had to go Back to the map, and hope it reloaded correctly.

Every time I used Maps, I had to remember to open the links in new tabs, otherwise I’d be cursing at Google within minutes.

Thankfully, Philipp reports that they’ve fixed the behavior, with a More Info link that opens up the more info page, not as a page, but by putting it in the same result balloon you are used to (just bigger). It’s a great way to do it, keeping you in the same page while giving all that extra information. Great work, not pissing off your users anymore. I’m sure someone might not like the new functionality, but it makes me a happy boy.

Take a look.



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