Google Maps Allows Users To Move Markers

    November 19, 2007

Google Maps is great, but, if we’re to face facts, it is not spot-on.  Addresses appearing on the wrong side of the road, or addresses appearing in the road, can confound users.  Now, however, they can take it upon themselves to correct place markers.

Google Maps Allows Users To Move Markers“[F]or your next party (or any other occasion), you can move the marker for your address to show the exact entrance of your house,” writes Seth LaForge on the Google LatLong Blog.  “Just search for your address, click ‘Edit,’ click ‘Move Marker,’ and drag the marker to your front door.”

There’s no reason to fear that someone will say you live at the city dump – an option allows users to see the original placement of any marker.  Also, businesses can “claim” their listings and cement their markers so that no shifty customer redirects take place.

The system’s pretty neat; in fact, I actually plan to use it later tonight.  It won’t exactly revolutionize online mapping, yet it should make getting to places just a touch easier.