Map Maker, Street View Advance Around Oceania

    December 15, 2008

Getting lost in Oceania got a lot harder in the last week or so, and should continue to grow trickier over time.  Not only was some already-extensive Street View coverage in Australia expanded, but the self-propagating Google Map Maker was launched in 43 new countries and territories.

A post on the Official Google Australia Blog announced, "Map Maker now allows people to create complete maps for most of Oceania, from Papua New Guinea to Samoa and Micronesia, bringing the total to 164 countries across the world."  A short Vietnam-related video then shows Map Maker’s power.

We should also note that, although worldwide country counts differ from source to source, Google’s closing in on having Map Maker available everywhere.

As for the other development, a second post stated, "[W]e added many new streets in Darwin, Geelong and remote parts of the Northern Territory."  And if anyone’s watched the movie "Australia," they may be pleased to know that many of the fresh locations have been tied to scenes from the film.