Google Makes Improvements to Movie Showtime Searches

By: Chris Crum - November 12, 2009

Google has launched some new improvements to its movie showtimes search feature. These include more movie pages, genre filters, and a new map view.

If you search for a movie and click the "more theaters" link in the showtimes listing, you will be taken to a more thorough page about that movie, including more showtimes, reviews, trailers, photos, etc. You can also see a list of new genre filters to search by on the left-hand side of the screen.

Wild Things Are movie page

If you go to, you can find a list of all the theaters and showtimes in your area. The map view feature lets you see nearby theaters playing specific films.

Movies map View

It is worth noting that Microsoft’s Bing search engine already has very similar features when you search for movies on there. It utilizes MSN movies, and has movie pages with trailers, reviews, photos, etc. It also has a map view feature. Google appears to have it beat on the genre listings feature, however.

Bing Movie map

Do you use Google (or Bing) to find movie showtimes when you go out? Do you find the new features helpful? Comment here.

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  • Guest

    I am not clear if I totally understand the full thought pattern behind this.

  • Guest

    Used to be that you could go to google movies and click on the reviews for a given movie directly from that page.

    Now, you have to click on the movie, then go click on the reviews to see them. Bleah.

    Easy fix: have the star review rating on the google movie page be a link to the reviews for that movie…

    C’mon Google, fix that interface you broke.

  • R

    I remember going to and being able to sort by rating.
    I liked this because then I knew what movies critics liked in the aggregate.

    I would only watch movies with 4+ stars.

    I can’t seem to figure out a direct way to do this?
    Anyone else miss the feature or found a way to do it?