Google Makes Getting Directions to Businesses Easier

    January 7, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google is now making it easier to find directions to businesses via Google Maps for Mobile. Now users can get directions by entering the name of the business in the start or end point fields. Google illustrates this with a Starbucks example on the Google Mobile Blog:

Previously, Google would have only recognized the words entered in these fields as parts of an address. For example, it would have looked for "Starbucks" as a town or street name perhaps, rather than recognizing it as a business.

"Google Maps for mobile now recognizes when your end or start point is a business and not an address. Try setting "starbucks" or "mcdonald’s" as an end point when getting directions, and you’ll quickly see what we mean," says Software Engineer, Constantinos Michael on the blog.

This new change was made right on Google’s servers, so users who already have Google Maps for Mobile won’t have to download anything extra.