Google Makes Another Best Places To Work List

    December 30, 2008

The company may be tightening restrictions on free food, charging lots of money for childcare, and handing out cell phones instead of proper holiday bonuses.  But according to new findings from Glassdoor, good old Google remains one of the best places to work.

Glassdoor has collected info on more than 11,000 companies, and Google came in seventh with a rating of 4.1 (5.0 represents a perfect score).  CEO Eric Schmidt, meanwhile, received an approval rating of 88 percent.  Both of these numbers sound great, and are all the more remarkable since none of Google’s main competitors appear on Glassdoor’s list of the top 50 employers.

Google Product Search

Really, the only businesses that WebProNews even sort of covers to make that cut were Bain & Company (at number two), Netflix (number three), and Apple (in eighteenth place).

It’s at the other end of the list that a more familiar name appears.  Glassdoor’s users judged eBay to be about the 47th worst company on the site, giving it a rating of 2.7.  eBay’s CEO, John Donahue, got an approval rating of just 20 percent.

Wags of the finger and pats on the back should be doled out accordingly.  A hat tip goes to Erick Schonfeld, too.