Google Makes a Second Real-Time Search Announcement

    December 11, 2009
    Chris Crum

This may be the year of real-time search, but this week alone has captured much of the attention related to the subject. Yahoo is rolling out something close to real-time search today, and of course the big news is that Google has begun incorporating real-time search results right into its regular SERPs.

Google has now made another real-time search-related announcement in that they are now offering Twitter integration with the Google Search Appliance. Google Search Appliance can now show users tweets next to their internal Search Appliance results.

"Social information is important for businesses: employees searching for information needed to do their jobs benefit from real-time news too," says Cyrus Mistry, Product Manager, Google Enterprise Search. "They might be developing a new breakfast cereal, or designing a marketing plan for a clothing line, or writing strategy report for a political campaign. In all of these cases, understanding what is being said just as Twitter users are saying it can be invaluable."

It looks something like this:

GSA with Twitter results

"Customers have told us that placing web results next to intranet ones often allows employees to think differently about a particular topic and approach it in new ways," says Mistry. "By integrating enterprise search with more of the information that exists in the cloud, like tweets, employees can more easily leverage the wisdom of the crowd."

Google says it should take no more than fifteen minutes to get the Twitter box up and running on Google Search Appliance. The option is available to enable it for only some users, or you can set up to let all users have access. You can also set it up to let users choose for themselves whether or not they want Twitter results. More information about set-up and integration is available here and here.

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