Google Life, Courtesy Of Microsoft

    June 27, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A blog post offering a peek inside the frantic ant-marching at the Googleplex comes from a repatriated Microsoft staffer who rejoined the Redmond crew after a stint in Mountain View.

Google Life, Courtesy Of Microsoft
Google Life, Courtesy Of Microsoft

It might be a surprise to some job-seeking techies who consider Google the pinnacle of Internet employment. Company perks like free meals have become legendary in their retelling.

They were not enough to keep one employee from saying, “Just Say No to Google.” A purported email from a Microsoft recruiter who hired the ex-Googler/ex-Microsoftie made it to that blog, and has been cast as an illustration of how Microsoft can improve itself.

One section of the post discussed the free meal perk, how it could benefit Microsoft, and how Google stacks up against Microsoft in a couple of other areas:

Instead of increasing starting salaries, switch to free food. Give everyone else half the merit increases we would have gotten AND ANNOUNCE THE FREE FOOD AT THE SAME TIME.

That single benefit gets people to work earlier because hot breakfast is served only until 8:30. And since dinner isn