Google Library Project Befriends Belgium

    May 24, 2007

Ghent University is located in Ghent, which is a city in Flanders, which is a region in Belgium.  You probably recognized at least one or two of those names, but you’re sure to know this next one: Google.  And Google has just partnered with Ghent University.

As for that geographical sequence, I simply thought a little perspective might be needed before diving into this article; our guide, you’ll see, is much more familiar with both the area and the subject at hand.

Emmanuel Begerem, a Consumer Support Associate at Google, writes, “As an alumnus of Ghent University, I am thrilled that the university has decided to open its historic and special collections to the world.  Ghent University has always striven for innovation and it hit a new milestone today by becoming the first Dutch-language library to join the Library Project.”

And once again, some perspective might be needed, so Begerem explains, “This joint project will allow researchers, students and users from all around the world to search, browse and read the incredible collection of public domain books the university has to offer.”

That “all around the world” descriptor also applies to where the project is finding its sources; in the past six days, Google has made book-related deals in Switzerland and India, in addition to the new partnership in Belgium.  Of course, unless you’re fluent in those countries’ native languages, or feel like suffering through a questionable translation, you’re out of luck, but the Google Library Project is still doing some undeniably impressive things.