Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book

    October 1, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Siva Vaidhyanathan sees reasons to worry about Google and its goal of organizing the world’s information.

Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book
Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book

Is anyone asking Google the hard questions? Vaidhyanathan, a University of Virginia professor and blogger, doesn’t seem to think so.

The question and answer exchange between him and a reporter at The Daily Progress summarizes all the things people fear about Google, but haven’t fully questioned.

He recounted one of the big concerns, transparency, that has been raised frequently about Google. Our readers generally hear about this in the context of determining click fraud, but Vaidhyanathan sees transparency as a much broader area of interest:

The real question is not one of danger, but one of transparency. You can imagine some nightmare scenarios in which Google allows the government to have too much information about us and people are falsely profiled.

Or you can imagine that Google starts censoring access to information. I don