Google Lets You Add Tables in Presentations Now

    July 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added the ability to include tables in presentations in Google Docs. The feature has apparently been in high demand, and the company says they really wanted it too.

Users can insert a table into their presentation, then easily add, select, and resize rows and columns, format and align text across the table, and set background colors for cells and borders. Rows will resize themselves to fit content.  Google provides the following example table:

Collaborators on presentations can make edits to the same table at the same time. When tables are imported from PowerPoint, they’ll show up as editable tables in Google Docs.

To use the Table tool, simply choose "Table" in the presentation editor. Then click "insert table." Select the dimensions. At that point, it will appear and you can start editing it.

To add rows and columns Google provides the following instructions:

1. Point your mouse to the outside borders of the table and a ‘+’ sign and an arrow appear.

2. Click the ‘+’ sign to add a row or column. The signs appear on both ends of a row or column, depending on which side of the cell your mouse is closer to. This determines where the row or column is added.

3. If you click the ‘+’ sign at the top of a column, another column appears. If you click the ‘+’ sign next to a row, another row appears.

To Select Cells:

–   Select an entire row or column: Point your mouse to the outside borders of the table and a ‘+’ sign and an arrow appear. Click the arrow to select a row or column. If you point your mouse to a column, you’ll select the column. If you point your mouse to a row, you’ll select the row.

– Select a range of cells: Drag your mouse from one cell to another to select multiple cells. To select a single cell, drag the mouse out of that cell and back into it.

Once you’ve selected cells, you can apply formatting changes to all of them at once by pressing the delete key. More info on adding and editing tables can be found here.