Google Lets The Fox Out

    June 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Google Eye-Candy Jar is officially less full. Webmaster Central’s Vanessa Fox is leaving the search giant to pursue Rand Fishkin a job with Zillow.

Vanessa Fox Moves
Vanessa Fox Moves

Zillow is a real estate search engine, one that represents for Vanessa a new challenge in a new space. WebProNews (Mike) just about always manages to track her down at search conferences and pump her for information.

Hey. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Vanessa reveals the reason for her departure and her goodbyes at her blog:

Now I have an all-new opportunity to work on the unique challenges of the vertical and local search space at Zillow. I’m moving on from webmaster central knowing that there’s a great team who care as much about this audience as I do and they’ve got exciting plans in store for the coming year. I’ll really miss working with my team, but I’m happy they’ve been getting out and meeting more of you and I know they’ve had a great time drinking with you too. I mean talking. Did I say drinking?

Quit crying; you’ll see her at the bar. She promised. Until then, you can see Vanessa Fox Nude on a regular basis.


SearchEngineWatch’s Eric Enge provides a decent toast, so I’ll let let him tell it:

Google will miss her, because she developed into one of their public faces (ala Matt Cutts, and Adam Lasnik) that they could keep in the spotlight on a regular basis. Vanessa has done a great job of helping to humanize the search giant for webmasters.

And so, in a cheesy, melodramatic, Anna-Nicole kind of way, we’re going to end this little update with a look back at some of the good times we had with Vanessa on Video, and the way we were. Thanks for the memories.