Google Launching Friend Connect API

This and More From Matt Cutts at PubCon

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At PubCon Matt Cutts just announced the launch of the Google Friend Connect API. It let’s you copy javascript and make your blog more social.

Editor’s note: How do you think the launch of the Google Friend Connect API will affect data portability? Share your thoughts. WebProNews anchor Abby Jonnson spoke with Cutts at the conference:

The key point to acknowledge here is that Google is encouraging people to create more plug-ins for it, and it will be available through WordPress, Drupal, and phpbb plugins making it accessible to a whole lot of the web.

Google Friend Connect will be easily usable with not only blogs, but forums and content management systems. It’s completely open and built on open social.

Google Friend Connect

Out of this, publishers can get:

– more user participation

– More comments and higher -quality comments, less spam

– More interactions: questions, answers, votes

– flexibility – widgets, etc.

This is an important step for data portability. We have not seen Google Friend Connect truly take off yet like it could, and this might get it pushed in that direction.

Friend Connect API

Cutts says it’s not perfect yet, and it’s not live yet, but it will be in an hour or two. More on this as we find out…


Google has posted to the official Social Web Blog now with more.

Whether you’re a site owner or developer, the new Friend Connect APIs offer something for anyone who is interested in helping the web become more social:

  • Site owners – Integrate Friend Connect more deeply into your site. JavaScript APIs allow you to integrate a social community directly within the markup of your page, and our REST APIs allow you integrate existing login systems and your existing data with new social data and activities. These are your visitors and this is your site, so you should be able to add social features the way you want.
  • Plugin developers – Make plugins to integrate with popular content management systems, bulletin boards, or any open framework. To get you started, we have created open source plugin samples for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB.
  • Gadget developers – Make OpenSocial applications with greater control over how data flows across servers with signed requests. Use server-side authentication mechanisms so that a site with Friend Connect can act as an OpenSocial container.

Update 2: WebProNews reporter Abby Johnson spoke to Matt Cutts about the API launch who basically  just said it provides deeper integration. The plugins are new and developed by his team. Once users sign in they don’t have to sign into each site and are able to copy that info in other places.

A few other tidbits coming from the Q&A with Matt Cutts:

- Twitter followers will not help your page rank

– Does CTR or other behavioral metrics on SERPS affect ranking? It would be really spammy and noisy.

– Cutts says he can’t promise Google would never use its wiki results…

Abby Johnson conributed to this report.

>>> What are your thoughts on this breaking news/? Comment here.

Let us know what you think about the Google Friend Connect API.

Google Launching Friend Connect API
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  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Wow, Google is about to give the social media a huge up swing in social interaction via our websites. Next best thing since sliced bread!

    It’s ok that Twitter followers don’t affect page rank. Heck, they follow cause they want too :)

    Awesome information, great article Chris!

    Best Regards,

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk/latterkurser-og-workshops/latterkursus.htm Ejvind

    Maybe google are trying to make people go away from the social media as FB And Twitter, simply by asking them to integrate this new API in their current blog and or webpage.

    So is google trying to make another FB? Well of course they wish, but I suspect that spreading information and asking Google to index it, is not nearly as clever as having it all at your fingertips at one site.

    Normally I vote for Google, but not this time guys :-)

  • http://www.temeculamaternityphotographer.com/ TemeculaPhotographer


  • http://www.FriendConnectDirectory.com Brian

    Great news for Google, Social Media and the Friend Connect world. I anticipate a lot of new plug-ins to be introduced in the coming months! Rock on Google and Matt Cutts!

    Owner, FriendConnectDirectory

  • http://www.earringsforever.com EarRings

    Forgive my ignorance but on the user’s end, how can you tell if the site you are logging in with your Google, Yahoo and AIM accounts are legit Google Friend Connect codes?

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark – Melbourne Online

    Looks to me like Google have found their answer to conquering the social media world. Now the INTERNET will be social, not just a few sites on it, or at least that’s the direction we’re heading. As designers and marketers we need to think how we can use this, and after only a few minutes of thought the possibilities already seem endless.

  • http://www.beingearthly.com David

    Google Friend Connect has just been added to BeingEarthly.com Go there and try it out! See what you think of Friend Connect.

    • http://rideonmowerguide.com/ ride on mower

      Thanks, I will try to use this Google Friend Connect thingy on your site.

  • Guest

    Why in the world are google, twitter and facebook all trying to replicate MSN Passport? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but MSN Passport was created specifically for this purpose, and predates all of the modern attempts by at least 10 years.

    It was tried before and failed .. why should it be any better now?

  • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike Adamowicz

    I just played around with the Google Friend Connect and am not impressed with it, at least at this stage of its development. Seems to need a lot more developmental work. This is unlike Google.

  • http://www.traffic-update.co.uk Chris Haycock

    We’ve just finished integrating it on www.traffic-update.co.uk. The plugins were nice and easy to get up and running, and pretty much customisable to the look and feel of the site. Whether anyone will find it beneficial we’ll have to wait and see.

    Perhaps only a matter of time before they plaster it with Adsense ads?

    So far, so good.

  • http://www.direito2.com.br Ruben Zevallos Jr.

    Well… I’ve tried the MS Passport without success and I hope it could be more easier and works too…

  • http://www.katrina.co.in katrina

    I think in coming days social media willl be the touch base with everywebsites, as soon as people come to know and discuss on various topics…

  • http://www.posizionamentoo.com posizionamentoo

    Login to all site with one account is one fastastic dream.

    Thanks for job and sorry for english..


  • http://www.couponcatch.com Coupon

    The Friend Connect API is very good news for website users: people can login into different websites by using one account. It will bring a lot of convenience to people and save a lot of time. And users will not need to remember different account names and passwords. I will try the connect API on my website to see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.uycw.co.cc/ Young Web World

    The Friend Connect API is very good news for website users

  • http://www.mypartyplanner.com/ Party

    Talk about taking massive strides in competing with today’s social media genre!

  • http://www.privatefleet.com.au/ Car

    I dont understand the movement google has in the web 2.0 marketplace. To me it seems as though is always two steps behind other innovators.

  • http://www.gaspoweredrcblog.com/ Gavin

    I think I like the idea of Google Friend Connect – certainly a nice neat way for blog / website owners to create their own little piece of the Web2.0 social world. But sometimes I get a little concerned about the domination of almost all aspects of the web by Google.

  • http://www.dulyon.com/ Loose Gemstones

    I am very excited to see this and can’t wait to take it for a test run!

  • http://www.ascentent.com Ent Services

    Friend connect API is a pretty powerful plugin that gets you more traffic.

  • http://www.sulubancliffbali.com Luxury Bali Villas

    What a great way to connect with your friend in future.

  • http://www.internet-empire.com Seo Singapore

    It’s about time they did it. Many developers are just drooling over this.

  • http://www.howtomakekefir.com Kefir Grains

    Thank you Christ for your awesome information, seems Google want to live on official Social Web Blog just like FB. It’s good to hear that Google Friend Connect tried the plugins to integrate with popular content management systems, bulletin boards, or any open framework and also phpbb for forums. I hope they do the development fast, so people will prefer using Google Friend Connect rather than FB. :-)

  • http://www.ukirankayujati.com Kayu Jati

    I just wonder that Google Friend Connect will be more better than FB. Maybe there is a video conference to link all the friends all over the world embeded on it. Cheers… :-)

  • http://www.novatedleasedeals.com.au Shaun McGowan

    Google makes world amazing.

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