Google Launches Toolbar 6 for IE

    February 25, 2009

Google has introduced its new Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer users.

Toolbar 6 features a Quick Search Box that allows users to search from the taskbar without launching a browser.

The Google Blog has more details. "First of all, in today’s Toolbar 6 launch for Internet Explorer we’re introducing the Quick Search Box (QSB) feature that provides search functionality outside of the browser."

"Just click on the Google logo in the taskbar to trigger it (or use the Ctrl+Space shortcut for quicker access). As you type, it will provide search and website suggestions, relevant bookmarks, and even allow you to launch applications directly from the search box."

Google IE Toolbar

The Quick Search Box automatically customizes itself based on a users search patterns and over time will offer easier navigation to Web sites and applications.

Google is also bringing some of its search results page directly to the toolbar. Its experimenting with displaying Web site suggestions and sponsored links as users type their query.

In addition Google has added a new tab page for IE users offering a similar experience of the Firefox Toolbar. The new tab page offers users faster access to their most visited sites, recently closed tabs and bookmarked pages.  Users can edit their most visited sites and the data will remain locally in the browser and not be sent back to Google.