Google Launches Social Search Experiment

See results from Twitter, Gmail, and Google Reader contacts

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The experimental feature that Marissa Mayer announced last week is becoming available today for everyone to try.  Google Social Search promises to help users "find more relevant public content from your broader social circle."

The premise is simple: people value their acquaintances’ content more than that of random strangers.  So Google Social Search brings content from your social circle to the forefront, perhaps showing a friend’s or coworker’s take on a restaurant rather than (or in addition to) whatever the local newspaper reviewer had to say.

On the Official Google Blog, Maureen Heymans and Murali Viswanathan explained, "The way we do it is by building a social circle of your friends and contacts using the connections linked from your public Google profile, such as the people you’re following on Twitter or FriendFeed. . . .  If you use Gmail, we’ll also include your chat buddies and contacts in your friends, family, and coworkers groups.  And if you use Google Reader, we’ll include some websites from your subscriptions as part of your social search results.

This launch shouldn’t create any privacy concerns, since only public info is included in Social Search results.  The single nuisance/stumbling block relates to Google profiles, since many people don’t have one yet.

All in all, this looks like a very interesting new feature, and a lot of people are likely to join the Social Search experiment.

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Google Launches Social Search Experiment
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  • http://thetechnologycafe.com Samir

    I love it already i bet bing would be worried

  • http://increasetargetedtraffictoyourwebsite.that-is-simple.com/IncreaseTargetedTraffictoYourWebsite/ Yevgeniy

    Thanks for a great post and new information.
    I always loved google for its “googligity” :-)

  • http://www.printglobe.com KimD

    Thanks for the news. I just joined the Social Search Experiment and i’m ready to try it out.
    It sounds pretty interesting.

  • http://www.autotweet.info/ richie

    Let’s hope this is better than their friend connect program. I’ve installed that on many of my sites with limited success. However, twitter and facebook are great media that surpasses anything google has done.

  • http://www.rentals365.com Rebecca

    Things don’t stay the same for long, and change even faster on the internet. It’s a further progression down the road to a better search service for users.

    Spammers are going to find it increasingly more difficult to get low quality websites high in the search results.

  • http://www.ldii-sidoarjo.org ldii

    Great information. A new leading feature from Google. But, sorry, I’m too late to follow.

  • http://www.crackersplace.com Melissa Schaefer

    This is an interesting and new concept! Interested to see how it works out. I also love that word “googligity” !!

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