Google Launches Search-Based Keyword Tool

    November 19, 2008

Google has introduced a new keyword tool called Search-based Keyword Tool (beta) that enables paid search advertisers to see what keywords they may be missing out on based on searches on their Web site.

From Inside AdWords blog," Here’s the scoop: you know that the Google search engine starts with searches conducted by users and helps them find relevant pages. But for keyword targeting, what you want is a tool that goes in the opposite direction by starting with your pages and identifying keywords that potential customers are searching on to find your products or services."

"The Search-based Keyword Tool does exactly this, leveraging search query data relevant to your website’s content. In other words, this new tool gives you keywords that are highly relevant to your site but are not part of your AdWords campaigns. This helps you take advantage of missed opportunities."

Google Launches Search-Based Keyword Tool

Google says the tool is also useful if you don’t advertise on AdWords as it allows you to view what related products or services potential customers are searching for that you may be overlooking.

The Search-based Keyword Tool is available to all advertisers in the U.S. and UK and Google says it plans to expand the tool to more languages and countries in the near future.