Google Launches New, Faster Chrome

Update Comes with New Features

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Google announced a new version of its browser Chrome today that the company says is "faster than ever." It also comes with some new features.

For example, form autofill, which enables Chrome to remember text you enter on websites so you can save time in the future. This can be cleared simply by clearing browsing data under the toosl menu.

A couple other new features are full screen mode and the ability to remove thumbnails from the new tab page. When you open a new tab, Chrome preloads it with links to sites you visit the most, recently saved sites, recently closed tabs, and recently used search engines.

Back to speed, JavaScript-heavy pages will supposedly run 30% faster. Google shares this graph:

V8 Benchmark Suite

People who already use Chrome will receive updates automatically. Otherwise, the latest version can be downloaded here.

Google Launches New, Faster Chrome
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  • http://www.villamendez.com.ph Tagaytay

    Nice updates

  • http://www.tyrkietfan.dk/Kusadasi/Rejser-til-Kusadasi.aspx Rejser til Kusadasi

    I think it will be difficult to beat Firefox and IE.

  • http://getmoney2us.blogspot.com money

    I think this may be difficult but in the future will be better and many are using it

  • http://www.atomicmall.com/Queenshop Sunnyshine

    I like both Chrome and Firefox. Chrome is simple and easy to use but some function don’t work on Chrome so I sometimes have to switch to use Firefox, instead. Meanwhile, it seems that Firefox is more stable than Chrome.

  • Rohit

    Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Still, it has no plugins, no users and no audience. :) Really hope things will change in the future.

  • http://www.eczemaexzema.com/ Eczema

    There are those who say that this was Google backstabbing Firefox. Nope. The Google browser was rumored about for a couple of years or more, nothing surprising here – and I am sure Mozilla expected it at some point. Google has a large audience, and even small incentives like

  • http://www.onlineslotgame.net/ slot

    The promise of a better Web experience would be viewed by making it quicker and easier to find information.

  • http://blog.filecatalyst.com Greg

    I agree about FireFox’s extensibility (I love FireBug in particular), but it’s not the be-all and end-all of browsers. I think Chrome is carving an interesting niche for itself; and while it may never have the same market share as IE or FF, there’s no doubt that its install base will continue to increase, and that eventually it’ll plateau with a nice (and large in terms of raw numbers if not percentage of market share) dedicated user base who enjoy what it has to offer.

  • http://vivekweblog.blogspot.com Vivek Kesarwani

    Since most of the people use either Internet Explorer or Firefox so all of them are used to it. It will be difficlut for Google chrome to esteblish its presence. Firefox already has so many wonderful features so there is no need to change the browser. Firefox is still big favourite. Chrome will take long to to become favourite among masses.

  • http://www.LoftLivingLA.com Ted Trent

    I do not want to use Google Chrome. I’ve had 3 very serious encounters with Google where my websites have been placed in jeopardy. Long stories. Bottom line, Google has WAY TOO MUCH POWER. I don’t trust them with my information. My company even has a business plan that aims to RID itself of it’s need to have customers coming in from Google. I have a feeling there are going to be future changes to Google that will have us ALL in the grasp of a corporation. I will not allow my company to fail because I so easily supported them in their early years. No one company deserves so much power over personal information. Last week, when my website shut down for a couple hours because I use YouTube videos on it (yep their last upgrade shut down my websites). It was over an issue where they added a technology that AUTOMATICALLY turned on the my customers web camera when they visited my website. Google didn’t ask me if this upgrade was okay. They didn’t warn me my websites could go down. And they didn’t tell me that they were going to try to invade my clients privacy. What should scare us all, THEY TRIED TO DO IT WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING.

    • Guest

      You are in idiot who doesn’t understand anything about web development.

  • http://alphapal.net Jo

    I like chrome, I use it when doing nothing important like now because of the separate sessions. At least it got something others don’t have. But still worry about my data. For sure, google is keeping it and using it.

    Anyway, they, just like mozilla, are copying Opera. (tabs, paste and go, thumbnails, etc…) So better stick with the original, which is also the only one I can use both for browsing and writing website.

    Firefox is out dated and always sending data I don’t know where even if I do not open any web page. Even IE don’t do that.

  • http://www.magicopy.net Satyesh

    I started liking Google Chrome since day one after its launch. Whatever the features are mentioned here, I have it in my Chrome. In short, I am packed with latest updates from Google. This browser is not just fast but safe too. Thanks Google Chrome Developers….

  • http://www.assembly-jobs.com Home Assembly Jobs

    I’ve dumped IE for more than 4 years after having serious problems and went with FireFox. I’m very happy with FF and with all those amazing extensions it has made my life easier. With Chrome and google’s GA, I’m very concerned with my privacy so, I don’t trust them and I simply don’t want to give all my data away.

    About the “Chromes” future – I don’t believe it will beat Fire Fox or IE anytime soon or at all. But it will certainly dominate certain portion of the browser market. Google do have many fans who will certainly support chrome.

  • Guest

    I don’t know how people can say that they were happy with Chrome from the beginning..it was CRAP! Another point, its light weight because it lacks the features of other browsers..like Plugins..Bookmark management, etc. When they do put these in, it slow down like all the others. Google is, and has been, very sharp with their marketing..and they have suckered all the fanboys with this thing as well.
    Also, i don’t know how you guys can not like IE7, i use it every single day..and haven’t had any issues.

  • toto

    Chrome could be the best browser in the world and I will never use it. Privacy issues. Google is evil. They won’t stop until they own the air that we breathe.

    Visit some hacker website and probably your adsense account will be shut down. Google needs to be broken apart.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency

    I have always like IE, I do wish that it had some of the options as Firefox or add-ons.


  • http://softwarecritics.info Software Critics

    I am highly observant on which browsers to use and here’s my take on Chrome.


    • http://www.coolappsite.com/ Robomaster

      Nice post on your blog. Firefox really only has an advantage against chrome because of it’s plugins.

  • http://www.techknowl.com techknowl

    Chrome version 2 final and Chrome 3 developer edition were spotted at the same day . The second one is very promising with spell check , HTML 5 and extension support . If there is extensions ,I would probably move on to Chrome from Firefox .

  • http://debtquotes.com Alex

    I am also using google chrome. And just after completion this comment I will update the latest version. I hope it will the best than ever. Thanks for sharing the information.

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