Google Launches Interaction Reports for Local Business Ads

    May 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

As you are probably aware, Google offers local business ads, which are essentially AdWords ads associated with specific business locations. They appear on Google Maps, Google, and across Google’s ad network.

Earlier this year, Google announced the addition of four new links for these ads – "Get Directions," "Street View" where available, "Save to My Maps," and "Send." The links were introduced as an effort to help people better locate the business that was being advertised.

Today, Google has launched a local business ads Interaction Report, which allows you to actually track how consumers are engaging with these links. The report includes such info as the number of times the info window was opened from the map and the left side of the screen, the number of clicks to your site that originated from the info window, and the number of clicks each from each of the aforementioned links (except for "send").

Local Interaction Report

"The data in the report is intended to provide you with greater and more useful insight about your ads’ ROI and ability to capture user interest," says Amanda Kelly of the Inside AdWords Crew. "Click-throughs to your website will be listed as usual in your AdWords account on the campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad variations pages."

There is a step-by-step guide to how to use these reports available at the AdWords Help Center here. It will show you how to create an ad performance report with local business ads interaction columns like in the above image.