Google Launches In-Page Analytics Feature


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The life of the average Google Analytics user is about to get rather less complicated.  Today, Google announced a beta feature called In-Page Analytics that should allow people to stop juggling tabs or dealing with older, less sophisticated tools.

In-Page Analytics works as an overlay (indeed, it replaces Site Overlay), allowing users to see data superimposed right over different products or design elements.  And as the video below explains, there are plenty of ways to fine-tune the readouts and view more details.

This looks quite promising, and Trevor Claiborne, a product marketing manager, suggested on the Google Analytics Blog, "Take In-Page for a spin and let us know what you think."

Just be aware: Claiborne continued, "In-Page Analytics is still in beta, so some things in the report may not work perfectly yet."  Also, "In-Page is currently available for all English users of Google Analytics."

Google's sure to continue refining the feature over time, though, and Claiborne hinted that the Google Analytics Team has some bigger tricks up its sleeve.

It's probably a good idea to get on good terms with In-Page Analytics as soon as possible in order to prepare for those changes and the holiday shopping season.