Google Launches Google News Redesign

Category Pages Get More Visual Elements

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Google has given Google News a bit of a makeover today. Some areas, particularly the section pages have gotten a lot more visual flare.

Google News Redesign

If you click on any of the main sections like Business, Sci/Tech, Entertainment, etc. You will see relevant media in the column on the right. This includes things like YouTube videos, groups of images, popular stories links, etc.

Depending on what section you are browsing, you might see different things. On the Business page, you will see a Google Finance Graph showing info on Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P500. Any stocks in your portfolio will also be displayed. You can add them from a link right on the page.

Google News Redesign

Other sections display featured videos or featured photos in that spot. In addition, scattered throughout the Google News pages (including the home page) and results, you will see little YouTube icons next to results that when clicked will open a YouTube video clip right on the page.

Google News YouTube Icons

Before, Google News was allowing people that were involved with news articles, to leave comments, but this feature has been removed as Alex Chitu points out. "It didn’t scale, it was difficult to automate and the number of comments was too small to matter," Chitu notes.

Google began testing the redesign last summer, and we are just now seeing it come to light. Go to news.google.com to check it out. What do you think? Did they improve it or did you like it better before? Comment.

Google Launches Google News Redesign
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  • Bill

    I really preferred the old page where it showed various shares and their trading prices. Gave a much clearer picture of what what happening in the market at all times. this new one I do not like one little bit.

  • Guest

    featured videos should be optional. daily djia, s&p, and nasdaq charts should be the default for the business tab.

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