Google Launches Google Listen Android App

    August 20, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has quietly released a new Labs project for Android. It’s called Google Listen and is described as a personalized audio news-magazine loaded with fresh and interesting content whenever it is turned on.

"Start with directed search and streaming and then sit back or multi-task and Listen to content matching your favorite programs and queries like ‘ABC Nightline,’ ‘Bernanke,’ and ‘Fantasy Baseball,’" the company says. "Currently we are indexing audio files from about 3,000 RSS feeds but we plan to index all web audio, talking head videos, and short personalized text-to-speech segments."

Google Listen

Google Listen

With Google Listen, you can use the search bar from the home screen to search for audio programs, then just press on a result to automatically stat listening. Long-pressing brings up more options.

Users can keep subscriptions, which allow you to keep up to date on specific programs or search terms. Once a search result is pressed, there is a checkbox in the corner that lets you easily subscribe. The app always shows the latest episode on the programs tab of the My Subscriptions screen. Users can subscribe to search terms by selecting the checkbox while viewing the search results. Users also keep a My Listen queue, which lets you chose specific episodes to hear in the order you want.

Google listen can be downloaded here. There is also a FAQ and more information.