Google Launches Gmail Desktop Gadget

    December 3, 2008

Google has launched a Gmail gadget for users running Google Desktop in Windows.

Google Launches Gmail Desktop Gadget
 The Google Desktop gadgets team said it introduced the Gmail gadget now because it has received “countless requests for a Gmail gadget over the years.”
So what does it do? The Gmail Blog offers details. "You’ll see that it covers the basics such as reading, searching, and sending messages. You can star messages, use the same keyboard shortcuts, and we didn’t forget about contact auto-complete.”
“It doesn’t take up much space in your sidebar or desktop, and you can also resize it to show as few or as many messages as you’d like.”

Google Launches Gmail Desktop Gadget
The Gmail gadget allows users to login to multiple Gmail accounts and it works with Google Desktop 5 for Windows.
Google also recently rolled out about 30 themes and colors for Gmail users that allow them to customize the look and feel they want.