Google Launches Finance UK

    January 30, 2008

When it comes to money, Brits probably don’t need as much help as Americans; all other issues aside, it’s our economy, more than theirs, that’s heading into a recession.  Still, we think Google’s made a good move by introducing Google Finance UK.

The site is identical in layout to its American counterpart, but naturally enough, it tracks different indices, exchanges, and news.  Also, as Google’s own Nick Fey points out to UK residents, "[Y]ou can find GBP currency quotes on the home page, so we can feel smug about how much cheaper everything will be when we visit the U.S."Google Launches Finance UK

People of several other nationalities may get the opportunity to feel superior, as well, since Fey later adds, "We have received many requests to bring this service to other countries around the world, and will be working to do that this year."

We can’t hold anything against those folks, though, considering that the whole housing-and-credit-crunch thing is pretty much our own fault.  It’s just mildly nice to see Google continue its expansion despite the recent stock crash ($140 in three months).

Meanwhile, Yahoo (which once ruled the American finance site roost) is in no position to do much of anything.  A disappointing earnings report and layoffs have put the company on shaky ground, and it seems that holding onto its current properties will be an accomplishment at this point.