Google Launches Enterprise Desktop Search

    May 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The latest offering from the Mountain View-based search company trumps Microsoft’s recent enterprise search announcement.

Enterprise GDS
Google Introduces Enterprise GDS

Search engine leader Google seeks to maintain its lead in all things search-related with its latest product announcement. The company has had a desktop search tool available for some time. Now, the company has debuted a version meant for the corporate desktop.

Called Google Desktop Search for Enterprise, the product allows users to sift through the reams of data that can accumulate on their machines. The product goes beyond the basic Desktop Search product in a few ways.

The search tool can be centrally deployed by IT administrators, always useful when an admin has to manage more than a handful of desktops, especially if some of them reside in different states or even countries.

When started on a desktop, the tool begins indexing items like e-mail messages from a variety of mail clients like Outlook and Lotus, web history including https pages, chats from AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents including those with password protection, and others.

User features and preferences can be managed centrally as well. Admins can prevent users from indexing specific web sites, or from indexing sensitive communications made over IM chat.

The tool has security features, which will let user data be encrypted using Encrypted File System. And Desktop Search for Enterprise lets users search across just the files they have access to on shared workstations. New updates can be tested centrally for any potential issues before deployment across an enterprise.

Also, the new tool integrates with existing Google Search Appliances or Google Minis. It also has compatibility with Windows Group Policy. Admins can edit and manage Desktop Search policies with Group Policy Management editors.

Google offers fee-based Premium Support for Desktop Search for Enterprise. The price starts at $10,000 USD for the first 1,000 users, and $10,000 for each additional 1,000 users. Support includes installation guidance and technical support for post-deployment questions or issues.

The new tool will be free, like the existing desktop search tool. Google’s enterprise version comes in the wake of Microsoft’s corporate desktop search tool announcement. But Microsoft won’t have a beta version of its enterprise search available until later this year.

Google took 48 hours to pass Microsoft, while Yahoo still has its desktop search tool in beta testing. The pace of product development has become a very quick one, and Google right now seems comfortable running the desktop search race.

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