Google Launches Elections 2008 Gadget

    December 5, 2007

Like it or not, the 2008 presidential election is approaching, and should you be in that first category, Google is ready to keep you informed with a new Elections 2008 gadget.

At this point in the year, I’m more in the mood for a Santa tracker than American politics.  Still, choosing someone to run our country for four years is an undeniably important process, so it’s good to see Google paying some attention to the issue.

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“[S]tay up-to-date on the latest campaign maps, news, videos and blog posts from the election trail,” encouraged Brittany Bohnet on the Google LatLong Blog.  “Add the gadget to your iGoogle homepage to follow the race.  You can choose the candidates you want to follow, or keep tabs on them all.”

Also, “Make sure to check out the maps tab of this gadget to view candidate event trails.  Try searching for your own city or state to see which presidential hopeful will be campaigning near you!”

Expect to see a lot more stuff like this coming from Google – it had an absolute overload of tools related to the Australia’s recent elections, and the company is, of course, based in the U.S.  Also, Bohnet’s title provides a clue; she probably wouldn’t be the Elections Project Manager if one gadget was the end of things.