Google Launches DoubleClick Studio

    April 30, 2009

Desperate times apparently call for colorful, interactive measures.  Even as we remain stuck in the recession – Chrysler declared bankruptcy today, if you didn’t hear – Google unveiled DoubleClick Studio, a tool that promises to help users develop and produce rich media ads.

A post on the Official Google Blog explained the benefits of this move by stating that the company hopes to "expand the number of advertisers that can make these useful formats part of their marketing strategy."  Which makes it seem like a smart venture from Google’s perspective.

The post then continued, "This is also a good thing for Internet users; rich media capabilities make advertising even more useful, letting a viewer interact with an ad and learn about a brand without having to leave the page they’re on.  And, advertisers have an expanded creative canvas within the ad itself, allowing for deeper, higher-quality content in the ad itself."

Indeed, a longish orientation video outlines all sorts of ideas and possibilities.

So DoubleClick Studio may represent something positive to Google, advertisers, and the average Internet user.  The only odd detail is that David Rosenblatt, the former CEO of DoubleClick, announced his intention to quit Google yesterday.  One possibility is that he didn’t feel proud of this new tool, while another is that he just considered his work complete.