Google Launches Commerce Search to Boost Your Conversion Rates

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Google has launched a new product that online retailers may find incredibly useful for improving the product search on their site, and potentially increasing sales and reducing bounce rates. It’s called simply Google Commerce Search. Think Google Site Search, specifically tailored to e-commerce and product sites. Google couldn’t have timed such a release any better with the holiday shopping season arriving. 

Do you think your sales could be improved with a better search feature? Discuss here.

"Search quality is a big factor in changing visitors to buyers online, and in making customers happy too," Google says. "Visitors spend an average of just eight seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on a website, so having a good search tool is important for turning visitors into buyers. Google Commerce Search is hosted by and uses Google search technology to make online retail searching both fast and customizable — visitors to your online store can sort by category, price, brand or any other attribute."

"E-store administrators can highlight special products or connect related ones so searching is easier for their customers," the company continues. "Google Commerce Search includes a built-in spellchecker and synonyms so if visitors can’t remember exactly how to spell the particular toy or perfume or anything else they’re hunting for, Google Commerce Search will make some suggestions. Choosing the right one is up to them, though."

This clip will give you a good idea of how it works:

Customization Features

When a user searches for a product, results can be returned in a user-friendly e-commerce-style product page, where they can simply click the item they want and add it to their cart. The site owner has control over how it looks. You can filter results through parameters like category, brand, or price, and you can sort search results by any attribute.

Results can be viewed in either a list view, which is more like a classic search results page, or grid view, which is more like the product page-style. You can control which product categories are promoted at the top or sent to the bottom of results.

Promoting Specific Items

Google Commerce SearchThe product also comes with a promotions feature, which lets you easily promote certain items, and cross-sell related products if you choose. It also comes with automatic spellcheck, stemming, and synonyms, so that if a user doesn’t get their query exactly right, it will help guide them to what they’re looking for. I probably don’t have to tell you that any minutia that you can control in guiding customers through the checkout process can be huge for improving sales and decreasing bounce rate. Speaking of that, you can link Google Commerce Search to Google Analytics, making it easy to track various metrics.

Getting it and Keeping it Running

Google says the product can be deployed in days, and that because it is hosted on the Google platform, retailers can scale to meet their higher-demand periods, like holidays, without having to worry about slowdowns or traffic spikes.

"The hosted factor is a key feature in making GSC easy for administrators to use," Google says. "Because there’s no hardware (or software, servers, operating systems, cables, or any other equipment), admins can upload product information to Google Merchant Center and provide a few extra customization parameters – and Google Commerce Search utilizes that product feed to power their website store search."

The same feed you use for Google Product Search can be used for Google Commerce Search. This can cut down on time and tech costs, as the company points out.

Do you think Google Commerce Search boost your web sales? Tell us what you think.

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Google Launches Commerce Search to Boost Your Conversion Rates
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  • http://www.lilengine.com john chen

    Im reposting my response on techcruch here as well.

    This is a pretty big announcement to the SEO industry.

    If from what I read correctly, GCS will be a hosted platform.

    Does this mean domains need to redirect to a GCS portal?

    Or is this something which can be embedded into a webpage via JS?

    If its the JS method, how is the website going to be crawled ? Since googlebot doesn

  • Guest

    Sounds more like a Google Commie plan. Google controls everything. everyone shops the same way. what’s next? we all wear google clothes?

    • Gloria Dale

      Sounds like Google plans to control the entire internet. It would be nice to have more competition between other sites. If you can’t get into Google’s empire, you don’t have a chance. Their support system is almost non existent.

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

      You mean Frugal wasn’t funny enough for you the first time around?

      Google? What ever happened to Frugal.com? Who cares about Google anymore… really… Frugal, then Product Search, and now this…

      None of us really care…

  • sofakingdabest

    And they are charging a fee? That’s a first, isn’t it? It’ll work if commerce types sign up. However, we better not see any non-relevant, non-commerce on the SERPs. If they charge a fee, that’s great. It keeps out the riff-raff.

  • Guest

    Yes, we get free Google Clothing with a valid email address and it gets you free coffee at any bean joint X_X

  • Guest

    Seriously, what ISN’T Google trying to take over or get their feet into?

  • http://www.netring.co.uk Duncan

    Running a few ecommerce sites myself I thought it would be wise to have a good dig into this.
    From what I can understand this product is only aimed at the larger buisness’


    Points out that the annual cost is around $50k per year and that they are aiming at the top 1000 retailer per country.

    It will be a case that it replaces your website. The main focus is not on general seo improvment but really as an added benefit to a site that already has a captive audience. Tesco’s, Ebuyer, etc etc
    I think there would possibly be a huge uproar if something like this was released for small scale sites. As it would no doubt put a lot of developers out of buisness.

    Knowing me though I’ve probably got it all wrong and should start looking for a new job.

  • http://henryswife.blogspot.com jasamine thomas

    It looks perfect for the really big retailers, but I do not see a small business using it.
    I am a newbie. So I am learning, this looks complicated.

  • ozEworks

    This is not just about search results. This is about product navigation including filtering and sorting.

    It is about replacing your user interface with their user interface on your very own site and paying them for the privilege – not once but every time someone does a search.

    I cannot see how this is attractive to anyone.

    Better to invest in improving your own UI that have a Google UI superimposed on your own site.

  • http://blog.themetropro.com Ed Winslow

    Must be nice to be Google. Thanks for the update.

  • http://www.fabfive24.com beric

    Well the question remains what has Google planned for the future? World domination????

  • http://hotskimpyclothes.com Terry Mills

    What a JOKE!! Who can afford 50 grand a year!Actually the smaller business will prosper because we are not paying such high priced advertising-thus leading to offer a lower priced product.

  • Guest

    SO I just got an email back after inquiring, I quote:

    “How much does Google Commerce Search cost?
    The pricing model for Google Commerce Search is based on the number of products/items (SKUs) in your data feed and the number of search queries entered on your site each year. Pricing starts at $50,000 USD per year.”


  • Guest

    IF we look at this from a different perspective, do you think it gives us hidden insight to how Google likes navigation and structure to be?

    • Chris Crum

      I know Google is all about user experience, so if this provides what Google considers that to be, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be a workable template to start from.

  • http://www.ontarget-media.com Manoj

    Does this product indicate a significant shift in the way Google is going to offer products for free in future? Until now, Google has always seemed to go for the low price/ free product offering and depending on high volumes. If Google is using the same Google search technology (of course with some additional features), I cant see why this product should be charged $50,000/- per year.
    I suppose with the ‘site search’ market reputedly being a huge one — for the big players, Google is now going after that segment.

  • http://www.gifts-are-us.co.uk/ Dave and Pat Badcock

    Thank you Chris for your very interesting info. Our company has had a website for about 12 years now and we are always looking at ways of driving traffic to the site. On the face of it Google Commerce Search seems quite time consuming and I wish I knew in advance the costs involved. I wish it could be linked to our website rather than be run as a separate entity.

  • http://mymediasecrets.com Robert Phillips

    Hey Chris thanks for keeping me informed. I heard about it before its launch from my friend but, was not informed when it was getting launched. I admit that this commerce search is going to help merchants as well as customers by providing services to each other. I look forward to setup and account in the Google

  • Nancy

    We took a look at the new GCS and found some flaws and limitations. Seems they might have rolled this out a bit prematurely. See our company blog with specific examples: http://www.sli-systems.com/blog/2009/11/google-commerce-search-a-critique.html#comments

  • http://www.nextopia.com Sanjay

    Having worked with over 800 Internet retailers on improving their site search, here is my take: http://www.nextopia.com/blog/2009/11/google-launches-commerce-search/

  • http://www.malegenitalenlargement.co.cc/ Male Enlargement

    Wow, Google dominate all in internet

  • http://www.5000Watches.com Jim Davidson

    The concept of Commerce Search is right on the money. It is essentially the Full Text Search equivalent of SQL Server’s Full Text Search. The only problem is that Google Commerce Search starts at a cool $50,000 per year (That is: $50 GRAND, $50K, $50M, 50 BIG ONES or FIFTY THOUSAND SMACKER-OOZE) and goes UP depending on the number of searches done by your clients and the number of products you have. You could easily spend $100,000.00 PER YEAR.

    We have an alternative which can be viewed at either http://www.5000Watches.com or at
    http://www.DesignerStyles.BIZ Just use the teensy-weensy Search Box in the upper left hand
    corner and enter ANY Keywords you can think of relating to wrist watches based on Brand Name, Collection Name, Watch name, Watch features, Product Number, Band Material, Watch Feature:

    Try Heuer for Tag Heuer
    or Alligator for all watches with an Alligator band
    or Chrono for any type of Chronometer, Chronograph, etc.
    or Gold for any watch with Gold plating Gold content, etc.

    It even supports wild cards like Breit* or Breit???? or Chrono* or Chrono?????

    And the best part is as long as you have a Microsoft based IIS Server which can handle
    ASP or ASP.NET you can incorporate this feature on your site for as little as $199.00 per
    month for unlimited products and unlimited inquiries. That is UNLIMITED. We scan your
    site remotely and give you an FTP or HTTP location to download the files which you only have to upload into your server. How easy is that? We rescan once a month for this price. If you want to scan weekly or daily the price increases of course.

    Which is better? $2,400.00 per year or $75,000.00 per year? This is a no brainer.

    Jim Davidson

    • http://www.5000Watches.com Jim Davidson

      After making this comment I thought of a few other points I had left out:

      “We have an alternative which can be viewed at either http://www.5000Watches.com or at
      http://www.DesignerStyles.BIZ Just use the teensy-weensy Search Box in the upper left hand
      corner and enter ANY Keywords you can think of relating to wrist watches based on Brand Name, Collection Name, Watch name, Watch features, Product Number, Band Material, Watch Feature:

      Try Heuer for Tag Heuer
      or Alligator for all watches with an Alligator band
      or Chrono for any type of Chronometer, Chronograph, etc.
      or Gold for any watch with Gold plating Gold content, etc.

      It even supports wild cards like Breit* or Breit???? or Chrono* or Chrono?????”

      You can actually give users a direct path from any menu item or Tab to this Google Commerce alternative like this:



      Plus, we can also support .php as well as .asp or ASP.net

      Why anyone would use GCS instead of our alternative is beyond me. And yet we have only
      installed a few dozen in the last year. Maybe we need more marketing.

      Jim Davidson

  • http://www.rcandme.com RC & ME Hobbies

    Looks like a easy way for customer to find what they’re looking for, but for shops like us http://www.rcandme.com its hard to keep offering our customers great pricing if we have to pay a starting price of 50K a year. too bad

  • http://www.blog.getbalivillas.com Guest bali

    looks like Google controls everything

  • http://www.celebros.com Yossi Hermush

    Nobody expects a

  • http://www.blobay.com hot sexy lingeries

    I hope it is really beneficial for us who are running the online store,I am looking for the best ways to improve the traffic of my website.

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