Google Launches Car Insurance Comparison Tool In France

    August 5, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google has expanded its car insurance rate comparison tool in France at its Google.fr domain. The feature was spotted by blogger Quentin Ducreux Lerebours at Rude Baguette. He writes:

For now, users can get price comparisons for only 7 companies : 4assur, AllSecur (Allianz), Acomme Assure, Aloa Assurances (Covéa), Active Assurances et SOS Malus. On the website, a link offers to any insurance operating in France to join the comparison service. Google want to get user reviews before making it official.

Only car insurances are concerned for now, but obviously Google plan on adding other categories, as we can see on the website.

Here’s a look at the Google-translated page for the tool:

Google Insurance Tool in France

You can go here to see the tool in its native language.

Google has a similar tool with quite a few brands listed in the UK. There, it also includes travel insurance.

The product was made possible by Google’s acquisition of BeatThatQuote.com in 2011. Google paid a reported $61.3 million for it.

The UK product was launched back in September. It will be interesting to see if this starts to expand into other markets. Rory Joyce made the case last year why it’s unlikely that we’ll see it here in the U.S. anytime soon.

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    This whole approach of keeping people on Google itself, rather than it being a quick, transparent means to get people to external sites – I wonder why it is that the European Commission and others haven’t taken exception to this particular instance? Car and travel insurance in the UK, credit card comparison, etc, etc. Where does this all lead to?