Google Launches Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop

    January 20, 2009
    Chris Crum

Last month Google released a Gmail gadget for Google Desktop after "countless" requests for one over the years. Today they have released a Google Calendar gadget for Google Desktop.

"If you want to easily keep track of your upcoming appointments right from your desktop, this new version has a cleaner interface, fully supports Google Apps calendars, and includes three different viewing modes," explains Software Engineer Benjamin Schirmer at the Official Gmail Blog.

You can click on an event to see details, including a map of the location, a list of attendees, and start and end times. You can also easily create new events.

The Gmail gadget allows users to login to multiple Gmail accounts. I would have to assume that similar functionality is available with this one. The Calendar gadget runs with the latest Linux, Mac, and Windows releases of Google Desktop gadgets.