Google Launches AdWords Diagnostic Tool

    November 21, 2006

As a search marketer, if you’ve had situations where an expected AdWords ad didn’t appear and you’ve racked your brain wondering why, Google has heard your frustration and delivered a tool for you to investigate such events. Called the Ads Diagnostic Tool, the tool was designed to help members troubleshoot and investigate ad (under)performance.

The tool resides in the member’s Keywords tab in the Ad Group details control panel and is accessible by clicking the appropriate magnifying glass. Once hovered over, the tool pops up a bubble containing pertinent information about the particular keyword. If the related ad isn’t showing up, users can then click the “What can I do?” option, which also resides in the pop-up window.

The Google AdWords blog has more information:

We’ve also added some very useful features to the full Ads Diagnostic Tool on the Tools page. Now you can request diagnostics for ads running in a specific geographic location. Another new feature in the Ads Diagnostic Tool is a direct link to the ad preview page for specific keywords. By clicking on “Preview search results” link for each keyword, you can now view what your ad looks like and where it’s showing up on the search results page without creating an impression.

In order to access this tool, you must be logged into your AdWords account. The Ads Diagnostic Tool joins the Disapproved Ads tool in making Google’s advertising service more robust for their members.

Chris Richardson
Staff Writer | WebProNews Blog