Google Launches AdSense Direct For Direct Ad Deals

    January 22, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has announced the launch of AdSense Direct, a way for publishers to manage their directly sold ad deals from within their AdSense accounts.

The feature also enables publishers to show these ads on their site without having to actually make changes to their code.

“To use AdSense Direct, you’ll first need to arrange a direct deal with an advertiser — this can be any advertiser, regardless of whether or not they’re using AdWords,” explains product manager Matt Goodridge. “Once you’ve both agreed on the terms of the deal, enter the details into your AdSense account. You’ll get a link to send to the advertiser, where they can upload their ad and pay for the deal with Google Wallet. Once you approve the ad creative, the campaign will be ready to launch at the time period specified.”

Google says AdSense Direct will help publishers maximize their revenue, save time and control their brand.

“You’ll never miss an opportunity to earn revenue as your ad space will automatically revert back to showing AdSense ads as soon as a direct deal ends,” says Goodridge. “There’s no need to create contracts for every direct deal, as both parties contract with Google. Invoicing and payments are also handled automatically; your earnings from these deals will be included in your monthly AdSense payments cycle.”

If you’re using AdSense Direct, Google will review all creatives submitted by advertisers before they run.

The feature is available in the U.S. for now, but will hit other countries later this year.

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    I have actually done away with using AdSense completely on my blog, and other ads and ad networks. The reason being, you really do have to have a decent amount of traffic to make good money with the program. But there is more to it than that. We have our blogs as a capture place for people looking for specific content and information. So why would you want to lose a potential visitor on your on site/blog and make a few cents off of them? Doesn’t make sense to me. Much more money and value in offering visitors specific products through affiliate programs. It also makes your website less spammy with ads and helps your visitors and readers pay more attention to what you have to offer. I think AdSense is a great program, don’t get me wrong, but you can make more money and provide more value through other programs, besides ad networks. One other thing – AdBlock Plus (ABP) plugins, etc, do block ads and with more ad more people using Google Chrome and Firefox, its just blank space. Google may block those plugins at some point or at least they should because they are losing revenue from it. Popups and interstitial ads are annoying and definitely should remained blocked, though. This is just my two cents, take it for what its worth.