Google Language, Land Expansions Take Place

    December 17, 2008

It seems that a little recession isn’t going to halt everyone’s favorite search giant.  Google is continuing to branch out, with a recent growth spurt seeing it buy more land in Mountain View and make sure people who speak all sorts of languages can use its products.

Let’s start with the translation stuff.  Sites run by native French speakers may start taking off since a French version of the Official Google Analytics Blog has been introduced.  Some posts will be crossovers from the original, while others will relate more France-specific information and tips.

Google Logo

Then there are the big steps forward involving Picasa.  The picture-sharing site’s most recently introduced features have been made available in 38 languages.  Also, as Jason Cook wrote on the Official Google Blog, "[W]e just launched automatic comment translation on Picasa Web Albums, which harnesses Google Translate to make sure you know that ‘?????’ means ‘Beautiful sunset!’"

Finally, we have a physical expansion.  It seems that Google bought four buildings in Mountain View, netting it about 240,000 square feet.  Katherine Conrad reports, "Two of the buildings will be leased back to their current occupants," and its plans the others remains unknown.

"Vis de la recession" is the phrase that Google Translate offers when asked to translate "screw the recession" into French.