Google Labeled An “Evil Goliath”

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Google’s actions sometimes generate warm fuzzies.  The company can also be kind of creepy.  But in an article titled “Another Reason to Hate Google,” Joseph Farah took it a step further, and wrote, “I want to illustrate to you just how rotten and contemptible the lying thieves who run that corporate monstrosity really are.”

Whew.  Such strong words can create a sort of knee-jerk disagreement; after all, most of us are content to visit Google.com a dozen or more times a day (never mind trips to Gmail, YouTube, and so on).  So before we delve into Farah’s chief complaint, it may be best to relay some quotes relating to topics on which we might all agree.

In an article on WorldNetDaily, Farah writes of “the Chinese Internet community that has been denied access to the same content you and I can read on the Internet thanks to Google’s cooperation with the tyrants in Beijing.”

On a related subject, he describes “the people of Taiwan who had their country virtually wiped off the face of Google Earth maps in another form of appeasement to Chinese tyranny.”

And Farah also mentions Eric Schmidt’s hope that Google will answer queries along the lines of “What shall I do tomorrow?”  WebProNews has covered all these topics, and that last one is especially likely to give me the shivers.  (Schmidt used the phrase “total information” in the same interview.)

Back to Farah’s main problem, then: “Google, through its new toolbar, is hijacking the websites visited by its users and replacing their ads with Google ads,” he stated.  Farah went on to provide a screenshot of his site; above the WorldNetDaily logo, an ad featuring a lingerie-clad woman is visible.  
“Of course, the top two ads on this screen shot are not WND ads at all,” he continued.  “The WND ads have been replaced by Google’s own.  In other words, Google is making money by dumping WND’s ads for its own.  It is also misleading the public into believing its disgusting ads are WND’s.”

Farah concluded by calling to action to any “David-like attorneys out there who would like to right at least one of the wrongs perpetrated by this evil Goliath of the Internet.”  Those are strong words concerning an extremely powerful company.

Google Labeled An “Evil Goliath”
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  • keith

    The People in America most under age 40 are Evil also so why would they find Google Evil they dont care if they are a bunch of comunist pigs . why dont you self centered people Wake UP! I would like some one to play the same Crap Google is doing and say the heck with there privicy and post pics of company employes and there adress so we can ad them to the axis of evil and send spies to watch there every move

    • Jerry

      As soon as you learn proper English grammer, I might take you seriously.

      • http://www.janknepper.com/ Jan Knepper

        Amen to that!
        One of the MAJOR problems the USofA is experiencing is people that are not sufficiently educated. When it shows it language usage like that it becomes disgusting and difficult to presume that one would know what they are talking about.

      • http://www.janknepper.com/ Jan Knepper

        Amen to that!
        One of the MAJOR problems the USofA is experiencing is people that are not sufficiently educated. When it shows in language usage like that it becomes disgusting and difficult to presume that one would know what they are talking about.

      • Markamerica

        It’s stunning that a person could post a critical reply, citing the “grammer” of another poster. It’s grammAr, you dip-stick.

        Google is another socio-fascist organization run by people who pose as champions of freedom all while grinding the concept under their heals.

        They only continue to exist because f’tards use their site and services.


        • James Harvey

          Don’t you mean heels? How could the verb heal or the canine command fit the situation, brainiac?

        • James Harvey

          Don’t you mean heels? How could the verb heal or the canine command fit the situation, brainiac?

      • Denton Brunken

        For the understanding of the “Proper-English” is with the David-Wynn: Miller: At the dwmlc.com
        As always Elijah-David: (Prophet of the “Present-Tense”)

  • Rick

    That is why I NEVER use Google.

    • Nam Vet

      Google is a left wing liberal communist pinko search engine. I NEVER use it.

      Only wing communist pinko liberals use it that hate America.

      • http://www.janknepper.com/ Jan Knepper

        Use it, but do not give them anything…

        • Chris

          If it was not for blogger, Google could not compete with anybody. I have found their site indexing to be questionable and am still looking in to that. As far as search engines go Google will be lost in history. Did you know you could randomly type in an internet address you never found in Google and still access the site? Did you know your browzer has a find function? Just imaging being able to have a program that types in all possible web addresses in the address bar via the keylogging approach while search for the term you are looking for each times it hits an actual web page. Imagine having a fast internet in which this program can run at lightning speed. You don’t need Google. You need a browzer based search engine like the kind I just mentioned. Find sites that Google never indexed. They already exist waiting to be typed into that little address bar. We don’t need to Google it. We need to Fox it or Firefox it. If only Firefox developers could get this message. They can compete with Google search and the buggy Internet Explorer. They should.

          • non

            Firefox is getting sixty million dollars per annum from Google searches, so they have no incentive to get people to change nor do they want to compete with Google. Google makes this “non-profit” Mozilla Foundation so much money that they are beholden to the Google guys. But I digress, try other search sites for a change. You’d be surprised how much junk there is on Google — spam web pages filled with random links just to generate AdWords money. People will do anything for a buck, and so will Google.

      • Shambu

        Well, I consider myself a liberal leftist pinko who does not hate America. And I use Google although I believe it is run by right and extreme right wingers. My evidence is there for all to see. Check the news sources of Google, and Yahoo for that matter, and you will realize that over 90% of there news is taken from far and extreme right sources. That’s OK though , right wing people have a right to exist and voice their opinions. That must be my liberal pinko side speaking.

  • Tim

    I haven’t used Google in years for the very reasons Joseph Farah mentioned, and I can find whatever I need on the web more efficiently with www.clusty.com. Check out the Clusty’s censorship policy at http://clusty.com/censorship which states:

    “Neither Clusty.com nor Vivisimo.com censors search results. That is, neither site removes from its output, in an ad-hoc manner, politically-oriented search results that would otherwise appear and that would be objectionable to governments or would be unlawful in unelected, non-democratic regimes.”

  • Dale

    If Farah’s complaints are correct, Google
    is a thief. If Google is not breaking laws, this company is at best unethical.

    And companies that are being frauded need to make Google change. Farah’s words
    may be justified.

    Companies in America that gain too much
    power seem to abuse it. If they will not
    regulate themselves, then others will.

    We have had enough corrupt companies in
    America, Google. Why don’t you do what is right and lead by example.

  • Pete Tomov

    Google is the biggest i-Company in the world and as such it is normal to have enemies. Google of course is not perfect like every thing under the sun. But Google is the most smart thing which evolved in the world after the Internet. I am expecting more attacks against Google because of their gross idea to give people cheap access to the vault of the world news. I also think that Google have more friends than enemies because the g-idea is very progressive from the same beginning. Now they want to simplify wireless service with g-phone and this is great. So, I am sorry to say but Mr Farrah’s attacks are groundless.

    • Jennifer

      So, I wonder, when the day comes that a president who decides the moment is ripe to utilize those imperial powers at his fingertips will Google co-operate with the White House? Will Google block access to certain websites…like WorldNetDaily? Will Google provide the feds with tracking information on law abiding Americans who oppose an American dictatorship? Will Google lead the feds to your front door?

      Mr. Farah’s attacks are not groundless. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can draw the same conclusion.

      You may not give a d*mn if ruthless governments in foreign nations are aided by internet search engines to round up citizens who crave freedom and further enslave them in the Laogai.

      I tell you, sir, it will only be a matter of time before it happens here.

      Think about that the next time you hear an unexpected knock on your door.

  • rich

    all news sources manage the news? Google does not want to let the Chinese get news and commet. They just are greedy for loot. I will not use them tijg

  • Judy K

    It was bad enough when google-head Pukes were confined to monopolizing & SPYING on us and our searches..keeping a record of them for approx two years for marketing purposes? Now they are THIEVES, as well. Mark my words, one day this Beast will be hired to “reorganize”, expunge and CENSOR our internet.. What they did to China was just for starters. Mr Farah is right, GOOGLE Represents EVIL.

    • de sterix

      microsoft apparently doesnt like us looking at some websites either.everytime i look at cnn i get constant warnings.newsmax is always a buffer over-run shut down.several other websites get me similar interference.then there’s the government itself.i do not want to become a terrorist yet am not allowed to know what pres. ahmadinejads e-mail address is—–would just like to be able to tell him where i think he’s wrong.and then there’s the un—they want to impose censorship on the internet—–just a matter of time and we will be back to the dark ages again—–those with money and power dont want us nobodies getting in their way

  • yv

    i know exactly what farrah is talking about. I visited WND one day and had a naked butt in my face. I thought it was WND and voiced complaint. I think that Google needs to knock it off. I never use Google anyway….Never will until they stop being so ridiculous

  • Carleton Sousa

    Firstly, Google’s slogan, “Don’t Be Evil” is right out of a Stanley Kubrick movie. Secondly, Google’s (Yahoo, too) affinity for helping marxist dictatorships monitor its worker ants will no doubt be a great advantage when our Western governments need new ideas to keep an eye on us folks.
    Isn’t it amazing how our leaders seem eager to turn the electric eye on us.
    As mentioned by another, I wonder how Google big shots would feel if we started monitoring their employee entrances and parking lots from across the street?

  • http://www.google.com Phil

    I’m not a user-friendly person necessarily, but after reading this article, I went in to download Mozilla Foxfire &, when finished, it directed me to Google. What kind alternative browser is that? Also, the reply that used “grammer” I believe was doing it on purpose to illustrate the spate of poor grammar that ignorant Americans generally use. They’re often the same people who believe rampant global warming is real & usually vote on emotions rather than reason.

  • Mac-101

    Google is just gaining experience at tracking down Chinese disidents and making a buck at it. The Chinese need a larger poole of transplant doners to meet the world wide demand for their organs. There are only so many criminals. Six to eight months after Hilary becomes President you’ll see at least one major terror attack that will make 911 look like childs play. Then Google will become a major player in the elimination of our 1st Admendment Rights, which the left has been constantly chipping away at with their Political Corectness.

  • http://www.50statesclassifieds.com Jessica

    Google has flaws – what company doesn’t? It’s still an amazing search engine that is constantly evolving in fascinating ways.

    I have the Google toolbar for both firefox and IE on several different computers running Win2k, WinXP, and Vista.  As far as I can tell, the Google toolbars don’t change anything on websites I’m viewing. Not sure what to think about that part.

    I am sometimes frustrated with Google’s policies myself, but we need to remember that the internet itself is a work in progress, with things being adjusted as needed when they come up. Take the whole SPAM issue for example – every year we have better and faster SPAM fighting capabilities, but our SPAM level never really decreases.  I know mine has increased despite everything I do! No matter what we’ve developed so far, the bad guys find workarounds, making the rest of us work harder to fight them, making them fight harder to continue spamming, etc.  

    Like any other company (or person for that matter) Google is not perfect.  They are a for profit company, doing business in many parts of the world, with many people they need to appease in business and in politics. Google may be the biggest search provider in the world, but it’s a company run by human beings who, like the rest of us, address situations as best they can whenever they arise. 

  • http://www.wsop-freeroll.com WSOP Freeroll

    I find it hard to believe that google would need to steal addspace arnt the people who install the toolbar are opting in to view those adds

  • Guest
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    Due to the "democratic nature of the web" Google has become the most prominent search engine for good reason: the most people use it.

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    I like every service that google provides.Infact google has revolutionized the web and every net user is surfing the web with ease just because google brought some revolutionary ideas on the web.Although some pitfalls are there but nothing ion this world is perfect.

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