Google Kicks it Old School with AdWords

    October 16, 2008
    Chris Crum

Hot on the heels of the recently launched MySpace MyAds platform, which lets users easily create their own display ads to run across the social network, Google has decided to go down a similar path with its largely popular AdWords service. They’re now offering a service that easily allows users to create "professional-looking" display ads without the need for a designer.

Create AdWords Display Ads

An important thing to note about this move is that while the classic text style of AdWords may inspire clicks, it lacks the branding power that can accompany a well-made display ad. The reason for this is that imagery can help an ad stand out and stick in the memory even if it is not clicked on. Text-style AdWords ads tend to all look the same and not have any visual branding value. There has been an argument throughout the years that people are blind to banner (or display) advertising, but could the same not be said for AdWords?

Data from a recent study by iPerceptions suggests that text ads get more clicks than display ads. This may be true, but relevancy has always been the drawing factor when it comes to AdWords. Google has been able to serve ads with relevant keywords through the service, and should be able to do the same with the new display ads. This will probably  encourage clicks that may not have always been so likely with display ads in the past.

Google intends to continue adding templates and features to the display adverting tool in AdWords, so it should only become increasingly enticing for advertisers to use, particularly ones that aren’t design-savvy and are unable to hire designers. Currently the service allows for images, flash, and video. It looks like display advertising is getting the love it deserves these days.