Google Jumpstarts AdWords

    May 17, 2004

Search engine Google has launched a new service to accompany their AdWords program. This service, called Jumpstart, was designed in order to assist customers in creating and customizing an ad campaign.

Jumpstart will give customers access to Google AdWord specialists that will, according to Google’s Jumpstart about page, “customize a campaign for you based on your unique needs and their experience with millions of AdWords ads. You’ll get an expert-level campaign, plus a model to follow for any additional campaigns you create on your own.” Google’s Jumpstart specialists will:

-Write compelling ads promoting your product or service.

-Choose relevant keywords to trigger your ads.

-Set cost-per-click amounts (within your budget) to maximize your ad exposure.

Google’s Jumpstart service costs $299 each time it is used.

Thanks to Andy Beal for the heads up.

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