Google Jumps As Lexar Drives

    December 20, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A hardware deal with flash drive maker Lexar will see a selection of Google’s products available to install on a PC from the Lexar JumpDrive.

Users who pick up a Lexar JumpDrive after the holidays should find tools like Google’s toolbar and search available for users, an AP story reported. The search tools will make it easier for users to find content to place on their new JumpDrives.

Lexar’s JumpDrives will prompt users to install Google products once the device gets connected to a USB drive. The products will be the same as ones that can be obtained from Google online.

“Let’s hope that ‘choose to automatically install Google products’ is clearly labeled,” marketing expert Andy Beal said on his site. “Do you know how many times Adobe has tried to install Yahoo’s toolbar each time I update?”

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal speculated where we might see Google products next: “Will we be seeing a Logitech Mouse which includes Google Toolbar installations one day? How about keyboards, headphones & web cams installing Google Talk?”

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